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How To Consciously Raise Your Energy

How To Consciously Raise Your Energy

Who couldn’t use a shift or raise in their energy every once in a while? Or, if we’re being real, more often than that… More likely, on a daily basis! I have got some tools for you today to help you both know how, and begin practicing working with your energy consciously.

How To Consciously Raise Your Energy from the Spirit & Soul Blog

When we notice that our energy is incredibly low, blah, or in a dark place we often tend to slow down or stop whatever we had planned to be doing. This is so backwards! If you’re in low or blah vibes, uninspired, etc. the last thing you want to do is stop moving! Keep moving forward, keeping working on or doing whatever you had planned.

Here is where you can make a difference: do it with intention. Deep, clear intention of pursuing something with the intent of experiencing or giving purpose, joy, light, etc. will bring great meaning and life back into your energetic field.

Now, sometimes there are very valid times to stop and slow down and listen to your body and your intuition’s whisper of ‘calm’. To know when it is right to push forward or not will be very personal and unique to each person, so take the time to learn the ways you talk to yourself, and what your body is telling you.

When you come to this mental stage, I have found it is best not to become lazy, but to be gentle in getting re-inspired. Meaning, do not just give up and throw the day to the wind, rather, gently work on yourself with yourself. Slowly, but deliberately, work on inspiring yourself and nurturing yourself with light to get back into the space of energetic positivity or creativity that you may desire.

The next pro tip I have for you to help you both raise your energy and keep it in a nice high and joyful place is to consume insightfully. In other words, consume consciously. Are you feeding your body good foods that will help uplift it or are you emotionally eating? Are you digesting emotionally/creatively/globally inspiring and optimism bearing content, or are you falling down the depression rabbit hole that the news and internet can sometimes take us down?

Last, but not least at all, sometimes all you need to shift your energy and bring yourself out of a dark place is to just f*cking decide that you want something else. Don’t like how you’re feeling? Decide what you want instead, and go create it for yourself. Feeling fantastic and want to amplify it? Decide what it is you want more of, and go experience more of it.


~Riley Reign