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How To Transform Your Life

How To Transform Your Life

Transformation might often seem like a mystical occurence that isn’t truly felt or seen until all of the work within it is done and gone, but I find that transformation can be even more powerful, and a little bit more pleasant, when experienced with intention. Change does not have to be scary or hard. Shifting our lives from dislike to head over heels in love with our experience is not a hard thing to do, either. It breaks my heart to see people feeling or living as if they are unworthy of the magical lives they desire.

Here is the only excuse that you may have to not begin an intentional transformation within your life, “I wouldn’t know where to start!” Fair enough. That’s valid to a degree, I will admit. Now, let’s break through that.  If you want to know how to begin a transformation for your life, I invite you to keep reading!


How To Transform Your Life from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Get Clarity

You cannot transform or shift anything into anything else unless you have clarity on what it is that you want to achieve. The butterfly doesn’t just go, “Oh maybe I’ll transform into this beautiful creature.” It is in the butterfly’s DNA to be that vibrant fluttering piece of magic. I invite you to introspect for a moment… Are you living up to what you know you are meant to be? Why or why not? What does the life of the person you know you are meant to be look like? That is where you will find your clarity. Ask yourself if you are all that you can be, or even close to where + who you would like to be.


Be Open

You can both be experiencing resistance and be intentionally open to what that resistance has to offer you (hint: it is not staying where you are). One of the most important things about being able to transform, shift, or realign your life is to be open to the experience. Every bit of it. When you shut down or put up walls as high and wide as you can, that is when the magic of the world can no longer reach you. Allow your walls to slowly fall. Let the light in. Be open to what a transformation has in store for you.

Another way to look at this principle is this: openness + allowing. Allowing, not forcing. As well as granting yourself permission. Part of the reason we do not grow or transform into the people we are meant to be is because the world and society has conditioned us to believe things are too good to be true, instead of just good and being radically grateful for that. We are trained to self-sabotage. Be open, allow yourself to experience the light you were meant to be and to experience. Train yourself to know how divinely supported + guided you are


Just Start

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” Are you ready to break that excuse into a million pieces? Take a deep breath. You always know what to do next. The real question is, are you listening? There is one thing that will press on your mind in a quiet whisper when you think of how you might begin to transform, shift, or realign your life. Follow that whisper, because it is your next step.

Take one next step that you are guided to take, and the rest will reveal themselves. If you can follow that one whisper of how to begin, all next right steps will reveal themselves in their divine timing, and you will be carried to your dream results, experiences, etc. sooner than you think.


I hope these principles have sparked some inspiration for you and can serve and carry you along your journey. If you resonated with any of these tools, I’d love to hear why in the comments below! If you are curious about transformation, and how you can continue to follow your transformation path please let me know in a comment! I am working on something magical that will have opportunity for you to continue to transform in the coming months, so if you’re interested I would love to keep you in the know about this project!


~Riley Reign