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Transformation Inspirations : Cara Samuels (Inspired Transformation Case Study)

Transformation Inspirations : Cara Samuels (Inspired Transformation Case Study)

Today I am so proud to share with you the Inspired Transformation Case Study of Cara Samuels, a fabulous Inspired Transformation alum, and a definite Transformation Inspiration!
Inspired Transformation is a 6 week online course experience designed to help you consciously and intentionally cultivate YOUR Inspired Transformation. This course will help you to elevate your life so that you can live in your truth, shine your light, and become the person your soul is calling you to become. The 2018 class of Inspired Transformation enrollment is open NOW through January 12th (2018), and the course will begin live January 15th. 
Inspired Transformation Student Case Study, Cara Samuels, from the Spirit + Soul blog
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Cara Samuels is an incredibly bright and dedicated light-worker! She joined a very special intimate group of Inspired Transformation that I ran this past fall all the way from Scotland, and she completely flourished within her confidence, desires, and readiness to step fully into herself and her gifts! Here is her lovely Inspired Transformation interview for Transformation Inspirations!
Where were you in life and how were you feeling before you experienced Inspired Transformation?
At the beginning of a journey and feeling a little lost.
What were your hesitations or concerns about enrolling in Inspired Transformation?
I would say that I was just unsure about what it was about, or what we would be working on.
What was the most powerful part of the course experience for you + your journey?
The inner-work that you do is incredibly powerful, and so exciting to consider what you can achieve for yourself!
How did you feel as you explored and experienced Inspired Transformation throughout the 6 weeks?
The course was very exciting – I definitely feel abundant in both my dreams and my ability to get there!
Would you share your overall Inspired Transformation experience?
This course gives you exactly what it says it will – an Inspired Transformation. In 6 weeks, it is incredible how much you can change, and I now feel that not only are my goals achievable – I can create much more than I had ever given thought to!
What was your biggest fear about claiming your life, desires, and the person you wanted to become?
I can honestly say that I didn’t really consider this until the course – Inspired Transformation made me think about that, in a safe space, be curious about what my fears might be, and how to change my story. My biggest fear was definitely around my ability to see things through, and stick with my goals.
How do you feel about that fear now?
Now, I feel that I am responsible for how I create my outcome. I can certainly still have those doubts, but they don’t have to dictate my outcome.
What has been your biggest take-away from the Inspired Transformation experience?
Thinking bigger, and how to deal with the fear and doubt that inevitably comes up.
If you were to share the Inspired Transformation course with someone you know, or someone thinking about enrolling, what would you say to them?
Definitely do it – give it the time it deserves, and you definitely deserve the outcome!
What would you say to someone afraid of or hesitant to invest in Inspired Transformation?
What you get out of this is worth far more than your investment!
Now that you have co-created and cultivated your intentional Inspired Transformation, what do you have to share about the course experience and your transformation for someone who is on the opposite side of transformation?
I totally get it – I don’t think doubt, fear, confusion, will ever be something we live without, but you will have the tools to work through all the limitations and toward your better self and come out the other end in a better place than you ever think is achievable!
You’ve heard me harping on about Inspired Transformation over the last few months, and now you get to see it’s magic in real life! Cara was such an incredible student of Inspired Transformation and I am so grateful to hold space and cheer her on as she creates her dream coaching business and realizes the life of her dreams this year!
If this is interview and Cara’s story resonates with you, and you’d like to cultivate and experience your own Inspired Transformation, you can enroll in the 6 week course experience now right here. Now is your time, and it’s time you LIVE in your light
~Riley Reign
What Does It Mean To Be In Alignment?

What Does It Mean To Be In Alignment?

During my recent yearly donation mentoring promotion, I had a session with a beautiful woman who asked me an equally beautiful question. “What does alignment mean to you? What does that look like for you?” I was forced to drop even deeper into my heart in that moment, and I was rendered somewhat speechless. What an amazing question to have asked! And what an honor that I would get to answer that question.

I took a deep breath and allowed the right words to gather for my answer. Alignment is a vast and simultaneously simple thing to both experience and cultivate. And as much as it is a buzz word, it is also an impeccable intention for everything we do in life. While the word itself may be overused in some spiritual circles, I’d like to shed light on it’s timeless and universal truth and importance. So, what does alignment mean? What does it mean to be in, or experience alignment? And what might that look or feel like within our physical experience?


What does it mean to be in alignment? from The Spirit & Soul Blog
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Alignment, in all of it’s vast simplicity, means (to me) a series of things are occurring in harmony. This would look like you, living from integrity and authenticity. This would look like one not only knowing of their spiritual connection (whatever that may be for them), but living from it to the best of their abilities. I find that the physical experience of alignment could be explained as being in a flow state, between you, your higher self, the highest good of all involved, and Source (i.e. God, the Universe, Spirit, etc.).

What does a flow state look or feel like? It looks and feels like openness, throughout heart, mind, and soul. It looks like trusting in the moment and the process that Life has prepared for you. It looks like wholehearted knowing, that everything is on it’s way, and whatever isn’t is for a divine reason. Alignment is when you are in your light, and everything around you is able to fall into place in it’s most divinely intended way. Good and bad. Light and dark. Beautiful and tragic. But all of it is perfect in it’s own right, and because of your self-contained alignment you can have deep understanding and trust within that.

To compare it to a chiropractic experience and point of awareness, I’d like you to reflect on when you have known your boy is misaligned before going to the chiropractor. When you are not in alignment physically, how do you feel? Possibly, rigid, off center, unable to focus or feel completely comfortable? And when you are in alignment within your physical body, how do you feel then? Light, centered, able to be present, and open? Yea. It’s very comparable to that. Just as you feel alignment physically, you can feel it in a slightly different but equally powerful way metaphysically.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please sound off and jump into the conversation in the comments below! Did this post bring you new insight into alignment and what it can bring into your life? Are you now inspired to practice cultivating alignment within your life more now? I’d love to chat about your experience with you!



~Riley Reign

The Path of Growth is Hard, And it Doesn’t Have To Be

The Path of Growth is Hard, And it Doesn’t Have To Be

This week’s blog is a little bit more personal and reflective, as I foresee some future blogs being. While the part of me that understands social media and content based business (to a somewhat good degree) and how I should write to solve your (the reader’s) problem(s), I also understand that everyone just wants to be seen. In an effort to remain authentic, I feel it is incredibly important to embrace the mess that Life can be for everyone, including myself. For today’s blog mindfulness prompt, I think we should just open our eyes together Whether that means we are seeing each other, or ourselves, or we are embracing our own messes of Life, or we choose to see that divine part of ourselves on a deeper level today: Let’s just be in understanding together.

On this journey of consistent and mindful growth I find that I am almost always in this ebb and flow, or push and pull you could say, between two aspects of myself. There is this deep, divine part of me that knows that everything is beautiful and blessing always, and then there is this humanness and (probably conditioned) ego that is both concerned for the future as well as looking at my reality, which is not where I want it to be. Within that humanness and ego I am working my damn best to ground into that divinity and knowing, and I am certainly growing into that place of divine grace and high vibration.

The path of growth is hard, but it doesnt have to be, from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Here is the lesson I am learning as I move through this process… The path of growth is fucking hard, and it doesn’t have to be.

What can be hard is surrendering, but what if we just tried softening? Because that is what truly comes from the process. What can be hard is manifesting, or figuring out how to, but what if we just allowed what we wanted to appear for us? Because as I am learning, that is true manifestation. What can be hard is striving, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on a path of personal growth and self improvement? Ahh, but what if we allowed ourselves to thrive? Right where we are. Because that is what we are meant to do. And in each passing moment we can expand our definition or experience of thriving as we grow.

There is so much resistance within surrender, manifesting (making it happen, as I often see it or brains often interpret it incorrectly), and striving. This is not the truth of any human on the planet. Resistance will not carry us gracefully into anything we desire that is divine (i.e. healing, growth, etc.). I am learning that this practice of grounding into the deeper and more divine aspect of ourselves is what will carry us deeper into our truth and power (hello, Higher Self!) and wider into bringing goodness to the world.

Where as there is virtually no resistance within softening, allowing, and thriving. It is this open, infinite opportunity of energy that we need to grow with the least resistance, mess, and pain as possible. Because let’s face it, growth can be painful often times too.

So wherever you are at in your journey today, I ask you to see how you can soften, allow, and thrive within your life more, so that your path of growth can grow a little more vibrantly with a little more ease and grace.

~Riely Reign