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5 Practices To Inspire Powerful Shifts Within Your Life This New Year

5 Practices To Inspire Powerful Shifts Within Your Life This New Year

I’m on a New Years kick this January! To close out the month I want to share the most impactful practices to inspire and create the powerful shifts many of us desire with this New Year. 2016 has been dubbed ‘the year we won’t talk about’ and I think many of us have collectively agreed and have been feeling that 2017 will be the year we all kick ass.

So, if you’re ready to get growing and creating the life and you that you want, these 5 practices are for you!

Forgiveness :

The first practice I have for you is Forgiveness. Yes, I’m coming right out of the gate with the biggest and (only when you make it) hardest work. This practice has the power to unlock your potential and free you from so many blocks. A few ways to begin your forgiveness journey are – journaling exercises, guided meditations, and allowing yourself to work through the experience that you need to forgive.

Gratitude :

Practicing Gratitude is one of my personal favorite and most powerful practices I work with consistently. I believe that holding gratitude for your darknesses/trials is equally as important as forgiving them. I’ve written a more in depth piece about how Gratitude can change your life here. And Tony Robbins has a beautiful perspective on the topic, that intertwines into forgiveness, in this video here.

Holding Gratitude within your life will help you ignite more happiness, joy, and beauty within your life, purely by acknowledging and taking mental note of the beauty that is already present.

Clarity :

Clarity might not sound like a practice, but it is quite the powerful one. When you can shift your focus from chaos or drama to clarity and insight your life will shift with you. We often get wrapped up in dramatic and stressed storylines, it happens. Moving your focus from those storylines to seeking clarity and direction will open up the space of your life.

This can bring new people, opportunities, and alignment to your world like you have never seen. It opens up new channels for the Universe to provide for you through and that is an incredibly magical thing.

Fierce Dedication :

In order to keep those resolutions or enliven and attract the manifestation of your goals, you need fierce dedication. When your dreams are backed by your drive and action, nothing is impossible. I personally fell out of my meditation practice in a big way over the end of 2016. I picked it back up with the rest of my goals in 2017 with fierce dedication, and everything so far has been peachy within my life and practices.

Sometimes it is hard to keep inspired and motivated with your dedication, so long as you remember to work with that fire in your belly and let it drive you rather than overwhelm you you will be golden. There is no doubt that you can make the dream work when you are supported by action and inspiration.

Openness :

Things change throughout life all the time, holding a practice and awareness of openness makes the impact and stress of these changes a whole lot softer and less powerful over your energy and thoughts. Carrying an open energy will also make you more inviting to new opportunities, people, and life paths.

If you can be open with yourself, your life, and the flow of all of those things together everything will flow with much more ease, grace, and alignment. Resistance will never allow you anything like that, so let it go, and open up.


I am excited to hear about how these practices have helped you within your life before, and how you plan to use them this year for maximum growth and magic in the comments below!

May these 5 practices guide you to exactly where you need to be throughout 2017.
~Riley Reign


Setting Intentions With a 2017 Mood Board

Setting Intentions With a 2017 Mood Board

Mood Boards are one of my FAVORITE ways to set intentions and get inspired for a project or even a day. These things can be as curated or slapped together as you’d like, and they can last as long as you make them. One really powerful and helpful way to use a mood board, or get motivated to create a mood board, is to make a themed one.

I have an energy and inspiration mood board that is my go-to pick me up for whenever I am feeling low. And going through it made me think — How perfectly helpful would a new year mood board be? In this post I will answer 1) why a 2017 mood board can benefit and shift your life this year, and 2) how to get started on your mood board right away!

A Mood Board for The New Year from The Spirit & Soul Blog

As I mentioned before, I adore a good mood board. I’ve found that Pinterest is a great great way to create a mood board quickly, effortlessly, and in a really beautiful way. Not only does this method create less physical stuff in your life, like a physical mood or vision board might, but it also will be available at your fingertips anytime. Thank you technology! And you can change, delete, move around, etc. things incredibly freely. No printing or gluing or mess. What a beautiful thing that is!

Now into the nitty gritty — How can having and keeping a mood board impact your life?
Listen, I love vision boards too, but not everyone’s lifestyle is willing to fit that practice into their routine. I understand, I do! Keeping a mood board for 2017 will act as your vision board.

The law of attraction is a real and greatly powerful thing and if you are not working with it you are missing out! Keeping a mood board with goals, intentions, photography that inspires you and brings a certain vibration into your aura, etc. will not only keep you inspired and motivated, but it can keep you hopeful! Because let’s be real, we lost alot of our hope there near the end of 2016.

If you need inspiration for your 2017 Intention + Mood Board take a look at mine here, or my Energy & Vibes Board here.

Happy pinning & Intention Setting!
~Riley Reign


A Letter To 2017

A Letter To 2017

Hello, 2017.

I am very excited about you, I must say. I don’t mean to come on too strong, 2017… I do mean to come on strong, though.  Things are always sparkly in the beginning, aren’t they. Well, here is my intention for this year — I can either kick your ass (and you are destined to lose that fight, 2017, I promise you that), or we can make sweet, bright, success filled, creative love the whole year long.

I think we both know which we’d rather do. So it’s time to get to work! If we’re going to co-create, you and me, we’d better get started.


A Letter To 2017 from The Spirit & Soul Blog


I’m so elated to create with you 2017, because this is the year that I will not hold back. Not that I hold back much anyway. I’ve been guided this year to put out more projects than ever, though and I wholeheartedly intend to.

You see, 2016 was about growing. A whole lot of learning and transforming was experienced, which usually is perceived as foggy chaos. Big shifts happened within that year, and all of them were equally purposeful no matter the perceptions or opinions of others. And you, 2017, I get the feeling that you are going to be about finding that ‘lost’ clarity.


Then we’ll apply those lessons, teachings, and insights. Informed and guided action is what I feel you will consist of. So if there is any time for us to manifest and make big strides I’ve got a magical feeling that it’s with you. I am already so inspired by the feeling of opportunity you bring.

There is a lot of work to be done this year. I can’t wait to see what becomes of it all. 

We will be busy together. And while much of what we do will be intentional and powerful work, I can see just how shiny and proud it will be when we look back as we walk into 2018.

I’ve got your back, 2017. I’m ready for you. I’ll be here with you. I need you to have my back too, and I trust that we can show up together. For each other. Compassionately.


~Riley Reign