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How To Create Your Mindful Morning Routine

How To Create Your Mindful Morning Routine

I have a deep love for simple practices that make a powerful impact, and the morning routine has the potential to be one of those practices. This past New Year I began navigating what my mindful morning routine would look + feel like for me. Now that my practice has realized itself, I want to help you find your groove! That is why I am writing today about how to create your mindful morning routine.

The morning routine is something most people often find rather dull and repetitive. What if you could have a routine that centered you, helped you connect deeper with your Source, and start you off in the right energy to have a smooth and peaceful day, nearly every day?

This possibility is more than attainable. This year I have a lot of work to do to achieve the goals I will achieve… Don’t we all? That workload can often feel heavy, overwhelming, and stressful. Possibly so much so that it makes you back away from doing the work that needs to be done?

I felt that way the last few months of 2016 and knew I needed something to shift in a big way. That is when I got the message that I needed to get my shit together, and it needed to start with my first actions in the morning. Below are the steps I took to find my perfect practice. I guarantee these steps will help you find your practice, too.

Decide What You Want ~

Decide what you want your practice to look like, feel like, smell like. Get into all of the little details of what you want to feel, do, and experience on a daily basis with this practice. Now, this is likely not going to be exactly how your practice will begin, or unravel for you. It will however give a clear message to the Universe of what you feel you need to succeed.

Begin Your Navigation With Openness ~

I say navigation for a reason. Starting your practice of the mindful routine will be an exploration of what works for you and what just plain doesn’t. I wanted to wake up a 6:30 every morning, start my meditation, move into my journaling, and then have my computer work done by noon. My practice looks nothing like that.

I get up earlier, but not at 6:30. I meditate and journal to start off my day, but not right when I wake up (I will fall asleep everytime). I get my work done by 12, but not noon. I am not a morning person,  though I could force myself to be one.

However, forcing myself makes my practice feel like a chore, and I want it to feel free flowing and divinely guided. I have to honor my natural tendencies so that my practice has the space to feel the way I want it to feel, and manifest the things I want it to manifest.

Listen To The Signs ~

Your practice will become it’s own synergetic vision blended with your vision. This creates space for magic. Do not kick yourself for not waking up early enough, or not having gotten dressed until noon,etc. That kind of resistance will keep you from finding your blissful experience that you crave.

I kicked myself for not waking up early enough, for about 2 weeks I kept hitting that snooze button and feeling shameful immediately afterwards. I got tired of that pattern and I let it go.

I saw the pattern as a sign that I needed to open up, because I was feeling that resistance big time. We all want our practices to flow, but many aren’t willing or aware that we have to flow with them at times.

Be Fiercely Dedicated ~

Nothing will work if you are not dedicated fiercely, and unforgivingly committed. Show up everyday. Wholeheartedly. With love. And openness. And gentleness.


These are the steps I took to shift my life to where I wanted it to be — to where I needed it to be. I hope this insight helps you create a practice of your own that brings your life into a more divinely guided and supported space. If you like these tips, or if you have a powerful experience with them, please comment your experience below!


~Riley Reign


5 Practices To Inspire Powerful Shifts Within Your Life This New Year

5 Practices To Inspire Powerful Shifts Within Your Life This New Year

I’m on a New Years kick this January! To close out the month I want to share the most impactful practices to inspire and create the powerful shifts many of us desire with this New Year. 2016 has been dubbed ‘the year we won’t talk about’ and I think many of us have collectively agreed and have been feeling that 2017 will be the year we all kick ass.

So, if you’re ready to get growing and creating the life and you that you want, these 5 practices are for you!

Forgiveness :

The first practice I have for you is Forgiveness. Yes, I’m coming right out of the gate with the biggest and (only when you make it) hardest work. This practice has the power to unlock your potential and free you from so many blocks. A few ways to begin your forgiveness journey are – journaling exercises, guided meditations, and allowing yourself to work through the experience that you need to forgive.

Gratitude :

Practicing Gratitude is one of my personal favorite and most powerful practices I work with consistently. I believe that holding gratitude for your darknesses/trials is equally as important as forgiving them. I’ve written a more in depth piece about how Gratitude can change your life here. And Tony Robbins has a beautiful perspective on the topic, that intertwines into forgiveness, in this video here.

Holding Gratitude within your life will help you ignite more happiness, joy, and beauty within your life, purely by acknowledging and taking mental note of the beauty that is already present.

Clarity :

Clarity might not sound like a practice, but it is quite the powerful one. When you can shift your focus from chaos or drama to clarity and insight your life will shift with you. We often get wrapped up in dramatic and stressed storylines, it happens. Moving your focus from those storylines to seeking clarity and direction will open up the space of your life.

This can bring new people, opportunities, and alignment to your world like you have never seen. It opens up new channels for the Universe to provide for you through and that is an incredibly magical thing.

Fierce Dedication :

In order to keep those resolutions or enliven and attract the manifestation of your goals, you need fierce dedication. When your dreams are backed by your drive and action, nothing is impossible. I personally fell out of my meditation practice in a big way over the end of 2016. I picked it back up with the rest of my goals in 2017 with fierce dedication, and everything so far has been peachy within my life and practices.

Sometimes it is hard to keep inspired and motivated with your dedication, so long as you remember to work with that fire in your belly and let it drive you rather than overwhelm you you will be golden. There is no doubt that you can make the dream work when you are supported by action and inspiration.

Openness :

Things change throughout life all the time, holding a practice and awareness of openness makes the impact and stress of these changes a whole lot softer and less powerful over your energy and thoughts. Carrying an open energy will also make you more inviting to new opportunities, people, and life paths.

If you can be open with yourself, your life, and the flow of all of those things together everything will flow with much more ease, grace, and alignment. Resistance will never allow you anything like that, so let it go, and open up.


I am excited to hear about how these practices have helped you within your life before, and how you plan to use them this year for maximum growth and magic in the comments below!

May these 5 practices guide you to exactly where you need to be throughout 2017.
~Riley Reign


How Anyone Can Be A Healer

How Anyone Can Be A Healer

3 Ways Anyone Can Be A Healer from The Spirit & Soul Blog

Each and every one of us has the potential to be of service, and to help assist healing in anyone we come into contact with in our day to day lives. Yet most of us don’t realize or believe this truth. I am here today to express this universal truth and share 3 ways this can be realized within our day to day lives.

It doesn’t take a superhuman, or an empath, or a ton of energy to be there for someone. My friends often call me a therapist, and I kind of am an unofficial therapist. That’s what friends are for! I understand that I am rather gifted in this realm, too. However, this is not something that only ‘some people’ with ‘certain gifts’ can do. Even if it does feel that way sometimes. I was inspired to write this piece when I was remembering a specific scene in Tony Robbins netflix documentary, I Am Not Your Guru (I highly highly reccomend this one by the way).

Tony is speaking about how he does what he does, and recalls a philosophy of his, “There is always a way.” There is always a way to find love and healing is what he is speaking of. There is always a path to whatever he needs to channel, it is just a matter of finding it. This brings us to the first of 3 ways ANYONE can be a healer.

“There is always a way” – Tony Robbins

1- Be Open :

There is always a way, it is just a matter of finding the path. And you cannot find the path if you are coming from a place of resistance. By choosing openness you literally create space for the answers, pathways, and insight to come through and light the way.

If you’re out for coffee or lunch with a friend, and they’re telling you this story of the drama or chaos in their life and you just don’t know how to help them, but you know there has to be some way to soften to situation you’re right. Choose openness and you will be amazed at what insight and solutions will come forward.

2- Listen :

Once you have opened up, guidance and wisdom will flood through, no doubt. This guidance and wisdom is of no help to you as a healer though if you do not listen to the answers. Once you open up, tune in. Listen closely to the whispers of  insight and solution.

From there you can offer up options and there will be a dialogue of solution rather than dwelling. This shift in focus will begin to manifest the right solution and create healing within whomever you’re helping.

3- Be Supportive + Honoring

Something many people  often don’t understand is that healer’s do not commonly do much of the healing part. A healers job is to create a safe space, one that is protected, filled with good energy, and is supportive. To inspire healing, growth, and positive shifts in others, you yourself must first be an example of these things.

Bringing a supportive and honoring energy to the space or moment is one of many ways to be that example. Even if you are merely holding a small conversation with a stranger on a bus you can be supportive of their presence and honoring of their feelings, stories, ways of finding clarity, etc.

There are many many more ways to be a healer, or have a healing presence. These 3 are the easiest, simplest, and most impactful ways to show up for anyone who you encounter throughout life. If you find these tips resonate with you or have worked in your own life, please share your thoughts and experiences below in the comments!

I hope these 3 practices help you to help heal the world around you.
~Riley Reign


A Letter To 2017

A Letter To 2017

Hello, 2017.

I am very excited about you, I must say. I don’t mean to come on too strong, 2017… I do mean to come on strong, though.  Things are always sparkly in the beginning, aren’t they. Well, here is my intention for this year — I can either kick your ass (and you are destined to lose that fight, 2017, I promise you that), or we can make sweet, bright, success filled, creative love the whole year long.

I think we both know which we’d rather do. So it’s time to get to work! If we’re going to co-create, you and me, we’d better get started.


A Letter To 2017 from The Spirit & Soul Blog


I’m so elated to create with you 2017, because this is the year that I will not hold back. Not that I hold back much anyway. I’ve been guided this year to put out more projects than ever, though and I wholeheartedly intend to.

You see, 2016 was about growing. A whole lot of learning and transforming was experienced, which usually is perceived as foggy chaos. Big shifts happened within that year, and all of them were equally purposeful no matter the perceptions or opinions of others. And you, 2017, I get the feeling that you are going to be about finding that ‘lost’ clarity.


Then we’ll apply those lessons, teachings, and insights. Informed and guided action is what I feel you will consist of. So if there is any time for us to manifest and make big strides I’ve got a magical feeling that it’s with you. I am already so inspired by the feeling of opportunity you bring.

There is a lot of work to be done this year. I can’t wait to see what becomes of it all. 

We will be busy together. And while much of what we do will be intentional and powerful work, I can see just how shiny and proud it will be when we look back as we walk into 2018.

I’ve got your back, 2017. I’m ready for you. I’ll be here with you. I need you to have my back too, and I trust that we can show up together. For each other. Compassionately.


~Riley Reign


2017 Magical Manifesting Diary: for Free Flowing Adventures // Book Review

2017 Magical Manifesting Diary: for Free Flowing Adventures // Book Review


I have an affinity for New Year’s, I adore New Year’s with a passion and find it’s energy refreshingly lovely. So, when Shan Cox, the designer of the 2017 Magical Manifesting Diary, reached out and asked if I would use her book and share it if I enjoyed it I jumped with excitement… Because if you know anything about me, you know that New Year’s preparations are one of my favorite things. It’s a practice that raises me , excites me about my goals, and motivates me to make shit happen.

Onto the review!

I have nothing to hold back, because holy shit I am in love with this book. I received it on the night of a Full Moon when I wasn’t really feeling the Full Moon work I needed to do, but the book ignited some inspiration and I went to work with the first few pages. Let me begin by saying the way this journal was created is beautiful, and while it’s simple it is purely divine.

2017 Magical Manifesting Diary Review from The Spirit & Soul Blog


The layout of the 2017 Magical Manifesting Diary is really well done. It’sfun, clean, and straightforward. It lays out some really clear ways to reconnect with your personal essence, and to manifest that which you desire. The illustrations by Natalie O’brien are the sweetest touch too. All in all I adore this little journal, and while I have only completed a few pages it brings excitement to my routine and practice.

I look forward to seeing how this helps my manifesting process and reporting back to this post on how it did whatever it is going to do. I don’t want to go too far into detail and spoil anything, but I have added a few photos of the diary below that show what it’s about and how you can play with it.



If you’d like to order The 2017 Magical Manifesting Diary for yourself or a loved one, you can do so with this link. I also have a VIP discount code for you! If you’re purchasing the ECO version, use the code VIPDIARY, and for the standard print use VIPDIARYSTD.


~Riley Reign