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You Get The Results You Show Up For

You Get The Results You Show Up For

I wrote a blog about a year ago titled, Your Manifestations Will Not Work Unless You Do, and today’s blog is an evolved and simplified version of that thought process. You may have heard me say before, I find the simplest wisdom to be the most universal, and this is one of those moments. The simplicity and practicality of this truth brings out some deep and very universal wisdom.

I’ve recently had some experiences that have sewn this mantra of sorts into the very fabric of my life. Through working with mentoring clients, and seeing the different divine results each woman co-creates for herself, exploring manifestation and the teachings of Abraham in my own life, and playing and learning in that co-creative space, and simply watching how a day unfolds differently for different people and their different experiences. It has been proven to me time and time again, in the smallest and largest ways, that what you show up for is what you will receive.

You Get The Results You Show Up For blog from The Spirit & Soul Blog
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This means for example, if you are having a negative experience within your day and you’d like it change, you have to change yourself. Be it through your energy, perspective, or actions – this is the way we show up for the world, and to the world. This is a foundation for all of our experiences within life. I have navigated my own law of attraction practice to discover that my shortcomings in making manifestation work for me was that I was unconsciously doubtful of what I wanted to bring into my life. That is what I showed up with, and so all I got in return was misalignment.

I have seen this with mentoring clients as well. The women who really truly deeply show up and do their work to co-create the shift they seek always find the results they desired, whereas the women who only kind of do their work (to no fault of their own, it just conveys what they are truly ready for) will only kind of touch on the results they desired. This happens within the spiritual industry on a daily basis within people’s everyday lives. They read the books, they know the principles, they find the ideas of enlightenment and the law of attraction enchanting, and yet the way they show up does not match the results they want to see.

To go even further and take the spiritual or esoteric out of the equation, the quote, “Fail fast.” is a powerful one for a reason. They say, “Fail fast.” as a way to explain that if what you are not doing is not working, you should fail with that method quickly so you can move on to find the method that will bring you to success even quicker. You get the results you show up for applies to this as well. If you are to keep showing up with a method that is not working for you, you would continue to get results that aren’t aligned with what you would want or maybe even expect. It is here you are called to show up differently, in a way that will better realize your desired results.

The way we show up is so vast, the opportunities we have to shift our energy and focus are not far and few between. We can show up with more intentional action that will bring forth positive change, we can make space for a perspective that serves a better outcome, we can shift our attitude from angst to openness, the opportunities go on and on. I invite you to take a look at what you feel is lackluster in your life right now, and see where you can shift yourself so that your results can shift with you.

If you’re ready to show up for your life (and even if you’re not ready) I am offering donation based Intuitive Mentoring through the end of July (31st). I have 10 spaces open for 1 month program clients. If you’d like to sign up for that beautiful opportunity of life shifting magic, click through the image below! (or through this link here)

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~Riley Reign

5 Ways To Use Spring’s Bountiful Energy to Inspire Your Life

5 Ways To Use Spring’s Bountiful Energy to Inspire Your Life

I am happy to be here, sharing with you how YOU can use the gorgeous spring energy to inspire and enliven your life.  Are you enjoying it so far? I can easily say for myself I have been completely inspired by the weather and the evolving environment.  Welcome to spring!

5 Ways To Use Spring Energy to Inspire Your Life from the Spirit & Soul Blog


Get Grounded

Use the beautiful weather to take to the outdoors and get some good grounding done. Reel those energies in and get clear on your intentions and desires. Decide what you want and create your action plan to get it. Bring your head out of the clouds for a minute, and see how the soil of your life needs to be nourished so the garden can flourish!

The cycles of Life

Take the time of Spring’s rejuvenation and refreshing abundance to look into the cycles of life, and more specifically your life. Learn how to flow with this beautiful rhythm, and dance with it throughout your life. Get introspective and look at your personal pattern cycles. How can they improve? How might they need to change to allow more space for positivity?


Take note of all of the blooming surrounding you. Where are you at in your life right now? Think of how your circumstances are, and if it is more beneficial to yourself and others for you to focus on the darkness, or bloom where you have been planted. The outcome here is up to you, what are you going to choose?

Invite Color, Vibrancy, and Abundance

Everything in life during spring becomes vibrant, colorful, and begins to grow in abundance. How can you use this energetic opportunity to bring you more joy, positivity, and inspiration? Invite more color, vibrancy, and abundance into your life in this fruitful energetic time. Explore playing with new colors, vibrant energies (in people, places, etc.), and cultivating abundance within your life.


An Intention of Freshness

When you think of spring, what do you think of? Do the words rejuvenation, and refreshing come to mind? Apply these energies to your day to day intentions within your life. Implement an intention of freshness, refreshing experiences and perspectives.


Have you found any of these 5 ideas showing up in your life subconsciously since the beginning of spring? Share with us any a-ha’s below and offer up any extra insight you have found through the presence of spring this year.


~Riley Reign


How To Consciously Raise Your Energy

How To Consciously Raise Your Energy

Who couldn’t use a shift or raise in their energy every once in a while? Or, if we’re being real, more often than that… More likely, on a daily basis! I have got some tools for you today to help you both know how, and begin practicing working with your energy consciously.

How To Consciously Raise Your Energy from the Spirit & Soul Blog

When we notice that our energy is incredibly low, blah, or in a dark place we often tend to slow down or stop whatever we had planned to be doing. This is so backwards! If you’re in low or blah vibes, uninspired, etc. the last thing you want to do is stop moving! Keep moving forward, keeping working on or doing whatever you had planned.

Here is where you can make a difference: do it with intention. Deep, clear intention of pursuing something with the intent of experiencing or giving purpose, joy, light, etc. will bring great meaning and life back into your energetic field.

Now, sometimes there are very valid times to stop and slow down and listen to your body and your intuition’s whisper of ‘calm’. To know when it is right to push forward or not will be very personal and unique to each person, so take the time to learn the ways you talk to yourself, and what your body is telling you.

When you come to this mental stage, I have found it is best not to become lazy, but to be gentle in getting re-inspired. Meaning, do not just give up and throw the day to the wind, rather, gently work on yourself with yourself. Slowly, but deliberately, work on inspiring yourself and nurturing yourself with light to get back into the space of energetic positivity or creativity that you may desire.

The next pro tip I have for you to help you both raise your energy and keep it in a nice high and joyful place is to consume insightfully. In other words, consume consciously. Are you feeding your body good foods that will help uplift it or are you emotionally eating? Are you digesting emotionally/creatively/globally inspiring and optimism bearing content, or are you falling down the depression rabbit hole that the news and internet can sometimes take us down?

Last, but not least at all, sometimes all you need to shift your energy and bring yourself out of a dark place is to just f*cking decide that you want something else. Don’t like how you’re feeling? Decide what you want instead, and go create it for yourself. Feeling fantastic and want to amplify it? Decide what it is you want more of, and go experience more of it.


~Riley Reign