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How To Transform Your Life

How To Transform Your Life

Transformation might often seem like a mystical occurence that isn’t truly felt or seen until all of the work within it is done and gone, but I find that transformation can be even more powerful, and a little bit more pleasant, when experienced with intention. Change does not have to be scary or hard. Shifting our lives from dislike to head over heels in love with our experience is not a hard thing to do, either. It breaks my heart to see people feeling or living as if they are unworthy of the magical lives they desire.

Here is the only excuse that you may have to not begin an intentional transformation within your life, “I wouldn’t know where to start!” Fair enough. That’s valid to a degree, I will admit. Now, let’s break through that.  If you want to know how to begin a transformation for your life, I invite you to keep reading!


How To Transform Your Life from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Get Clarity

You cannot transform or shift anything into anything else unless you have clarity on what it is that you want to achieve. The butterfly doesn’t just go, “Oh maybe I’ll transform into this beautiful creature.” It is in the butterfly’s DNA to be that vibrant fluttering piece of magic. I invite you to introspect for a moment… Are you living up to what you know you are meant to be? Why or why not? What does the life of the person you know you are meant to be look like? That is where you will find your clarity. Ask yourself if you are all that you can be, or even close to where + who you would like to be.


Be Open

You can both be experiencing resistance and be intentionally open to what that resistance has to offer you (hint: it is not staying where you are). One of the most important things about being able to transform, shift, or realign your life is to be open to the experience. Every bit of it. When you shut down or put up walls as high and wide as you can, that is when the magic of the world can no longer reach you. Allow your walls to slowly fall. Let the light in. Be open to what a transformation has in store for you.

Another way to look at this principle is this: openness + allowing. Allowing, not forcing. As well as granting yourself permission. Part of the reason we do not grow or transform into the people we are meant to be is because the world and society has conditioned us to believe things are too good to be true, instead of just good and being radically grateful for that. We are trained to self-sabotage. Be open, allow yourself to experience the light you were meant to be and to experience. Train yourself to know how divinely supported + guided you are


Just Start

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” Are you ready to break that excuse into a million pieces? Take a deep breath. You always know what to do next. The real question is, are you listening? There is one thing that will press on your mind in a quiet whisper when you think of how you might begin to transform, shift, or realign your life. Follow that whisper, because it is your next step.

Take one next step that you are guided to take, and the rest will reveal themselves. If you can follow that one whisper of how to begin, all next right steps will reveal themselves in their divine timing, and you will be carried to your dream results, experiences, etc. sooner than you think.


I hope these principles have sparked some inspiration for you and can serve and carry you along your journey. If you resonated with any of these tools, I’d love to hear why in the comments below! If you are curious about transformation, and how you can continue to follow your transformation path please let me know in a comment! I am working on something magical that will have opportunity for you to continue to transform in the coming months, so if you’re interested I would love to keep you in the know about this project!


~Riley Reign

You Are Divinely Supported + Guided

You Are Divinely Supported + Guided

Today as I was asking what wanted to be written I was pulled to one of my favorite books (one of the books that brought me here), Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell. I closed my eyes and flipped open to a ‘random’ page. The first page I looked to was ‘A Prayer for Expansion’. And on the next page I see what I underlined at least 3 years ago, “Life bends for the courageous. The Universe wants to support you. Take a deep breath and leap.” 


A Divine Message For You from the Spirit & Soul blog
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“Beloved Council of Light,
Guide my hands, my heart, my mouth and my feet.
When I start clinging remind me to surrender.
When I ignore you, speak up louder than before.
When I make it about me, help me get out of my own way.
When I am fearful, let me see my fears as opportunities to expand.
Thank you for working through me through my day.
And so it is. ” – A Prayer for Expansion, an excerpt from Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell



You are divinely supported + guided.

These two sentiments of guidance both validate something that I am working on in my personal life right now, but this is what I am being called to share with you: You are divinely supported + guided. As much as this is something I am coming to deeply know for my own life, I am able to see the reality that it is for everyone living and breathing on this planet. The Universe wants to support you, just as much as you want to be supported. The Universe wants to guide you, just as much as you are craving guidance right now.

Will you be open to the support + guidance? This is where the rubber hits the road. Desiring support + guidance is nice, but what about truly opening yourself up and align your vibration with the support and guidance that is infinitely available to you? When you can do that, your life expands around and within you, to align itself with what you desire to co-create.

To share some of my personal experience with leaning into this truth, I’ll share my most recent practice of this truth. I said at a BBT Live event about a month ago that in July I would work with a specific number of donation based mentoring clients. About 9 days before my deadline to make this personal goal (and do what I said I was going to do), reaching this goal logically looked like a lost cause. I was going to do what I said I was going to do, though. And so with 7 days left until my ‘deadline’ I leaned hard and fast into this universal truth as if my life depended on it, and as I leaned into my trust and showing up to do my part, clients began booking sessions. 4 hours before that deadline I finished up the session that would make my goal. Because I decided to not only know soul deep that I was divinely supported, but to allow the Universe to support me.

Today there isn’t an article for you to read on how to uplevel your life, or how to understand or implement a tool in any kind of way. Today isn’t about content or how I can put out a blog that will be serve what the market wants. My market is people on their journey’s, and today there is a message that begs of you (hello, person on your journey) to claim it, know it, and acknowledge it’s truth. You are supported by the divine, always. You are guided by the divine, always. It is safe for you to feel safe in this energy and wisdom. 

When you can live your life from this certainty, absolute magic will occur around you. I can say that, because I myself am continuing to experience it myself as I trust in this truth more and more. Take from this blog what you will. You get the results you show up for.

I would love to hear how this message has shifted your energy, experience, or perspective today so please share what you wish in the comment section below!

~Riley Reign

Why The Practice of Letting Go is So Powerful

Why The Practice of Letting Go is So Powerful

Last night was an epic Full Moon in Aquarius, that was paired with a solar eclipse, and today is the opening of the lions gate. Can you say, “Hello, magic!”? You may have seen one of many articles about how this lunar energy was intense, and intensely calling you to let go of that which does not serve your highest good. I know that letting go can be incredibly difficult for some people, so today I’d like to share some insight and perspective that may be able to inspire + empower you to let go with a little more ease.

It is likely that you’ll hear any number of spiritual and success teachers/leaders talk about how important it is to let things go, and as cliche as it may feel I have to say they are all beyond right. We cannot continue to grow unless we let go. I invite you to observe how that statement makes you feel. Does it scare you? Does it make you feel resistant or small? Take note of that and explore it this week if you’re open to it. Now, let’s get into the reasons that the practice of letting go is one of the most powerful things you can gift yourself.


Why The Practice of Letting Go is So Powerful from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Letting go will soften your pain.

It may sound counter-intuitive, because “you have to fight for your peace” in this life experience, but I can assure you this is the most intuitive thing you can do when you feel yourself attaching to or obsessing over something negative in your life. I’d like you to think of a situation where you were scared and clinging to something physical as a way to try and help yourself feel safer or more in control. Maybe you’re driving or cycling and you’re white-knuckling the steering wheel or handlebars? Feel the pain you would feel in your hands in that moment.

Now feel the softening you experience when you’re out of that scary situation and you allow your hands to let go a little bit and relax. That is what mentally letting go can do for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Allow yourself to let go, and your pain will soften. How badly do you want the pain to begin to heal or calm down? That is how badly you want yourself to let go. Give yourself that space.


Letting go creates space for the good sh*t.

When you can let go of that which is holding you back, blocking your magic, or bringing you negativity, you simultaneously create space for the good sh*t. The light, joy, and other magic that your soul craves can be welcomed in, but only when you have let what is taking up space now go. This practice of release is also a practice of creation, because as you let go, you have new space to receive. As you let go, you have new space to create, play, and enjoy your experiences.

Your thoughts can move onto better things, your joy can come back to life, and your mind can focus on the more important things. I invite you to observe what you are holding onto that is taking up your space for the goodness that is available to you, and if you are willing, let it go today with ease and grace.

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Letting go allows you to ground back into your ever-present peace.

When I was at a Vipassana course I learned through my meditation experiences that everyone has a deeply rooted, ever-present, unshakeable peace, and I learned that the thing that holds us back from experiencing this is our reactions, judgement, assumptions, etc. When you can let go of these truly very little things in life, and just allow what you cannot control to be what it will be, you find yourself back in that ever-present peace that is always accessible to you. I understand this may be a more broad concept for many to understand, but once you have experienced it, it can change how you live. And if you can have the awareness that it even is a possibility for you, you’ll find yourself experiencing this concept as reality without even intending it.


There you go, beautiful souls! I would love to hear any Aha moments you may have had from these ideas, and how they have since shifted the way you show up to life, so please share with us in the comments below and we’ll get the conversation going even deeper.


~Riley Reign


Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement

Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement

We all experience anxiety at some point within our lives, but what if we could shift that energy into excitement? Maybe that seems nearly impossible to you, but I promise it is easier than you think and it can change your experience in life if you allow it to. The anxiety we often experience is an energetic experience or exchange, and guess what, we have the power to consciously shift, change, or transmute the energy around us if we wish to.

Let’s talk about anxiety for a minute. Anxiety is defined as, a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. This can also be seen as fear, which is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. I’d like you to think about what you experience when you are feeling anxious or fearful of something within your life. Think about the thoughts you have in those moments, the physical things you experience, and the perspective you have towards your life then.


Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement
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Now I’d like you to reflect on some times in your life when you have been excited. To take this a little bit deeper, think about a time where you have been over the moon excited about an experience.  Think about the thoughts you have in those moments, the physical things you experience, and the perspective you have towards your life then. There was likely joy, optimism, and a sense of security within your experience. Wouldn’t you be amazed if you could feel joy, optimism, and security towards something a little nerve racking rather than debilitating fear or possibly even having an anxiety attack? I can imagine the value that could give you, because I have experienced it myself.

I have used this tool to help me feel safer in sending emails that scare me, in creating ideas that scare me, and in working to achieve goals that scare me, or make me feel uneasy. This anxiety we find ourselves feeling is an energetic experience that we as silly humans have titled to be something negative and unwanted, but it doesn’t have to be. What if you looked at your anxiety as an energy, and chose to use it to fuel you in showing up with light so that you could shift the energy into excitement?

Holding awareness of the energy we are feeling is so incredibly valuable. When you can have that awareness, you open space for yourself to consciously make a shift. “How the heck do I do that?” you may be asking. The answer is to lean into what your soul has to say. Can you get out of your headspace in an anxiety moment (yes, you can) and move into your heart space to listen to what your soul has to say? You will find in this space that your soul will guide you with ease. Hello, Intuition! Your soul will tell you if your anxiety is actually telling you that something isn’t right, or if you’re misinterpreting what lies ahead of you in a specific experience.

And with that insight from your soul intuition, you’ll be able to find excitement toward what you may have previously thought you felt anxiety towards. Instead of fearing large social crowds, you will find excitement about the opportunity to connect with someone new. Instead of fearing an opportunity that can improve your life and bring you want you’ve dreamt of, you can experience the magic of improving your life and experiencing something you have long dreamt of. Instead of fearing the undertaking, energy, and whether or not I am capable of blogging daily for (at least) one month and putting out quality content, I can find excitement in the opportunity to create every day, and to serve everyday.

When we shift our nervousness into presence, we would be able to open ourselves up to much more opportunity, positive experiences, and more of the light and abundance that Life has to offer us.


~Riley Reign