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Openness Is A Choice

Openness Is A Choice


An open heart, and open mind, and an open channel.

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried writing this a few times and just wasn’t finding the right angle. I found it though! I kept going on about how openness is so important, and I wasn’t finding the message I was supposed to be writing. As I wrote none of it felt right, not the words, not how I felt as I was writing it, the message was wrong. Until it cam to me, I thought, “What is this?! Being open is a process. It is a practice.”

Our energy gets shaken around and shifted all the time, and openness is a choice. If you want to be open in any way, you’ve got to choose it 100%, repeatedly. Choose it, and choose it again when you are tested. When you notice you were influenced in a way that made you (or is beginning to make you) become closed off, or you want to close up and be left alone, you have to choose openness. Continuously.

Open up, bigger. Let yourself crack and break if you have to.

Remaining closed off is easier. Choosing to be open though, that’s were some serious magic occurs. You learn more, you see more, you’re rewarded more in so many ways. Close-mindedness is easy, darling. You keep your beliefs, you choose your truth and lock it in with a little cognitive dissonance when you need to.

Open-mindedness is harder. You challenge your own belief systems because you choose to hear others ways of thinking + being, you choose to try and find understanding. This can push you to transform and evolve as a person, should you allow and keep choosing to be open.

Keeping a closed heart space is easy. More painful in the long run, sure, but easy in the moments. It’s easy + simple self sabotage. Though it may suck and you may feel like “something is missing and you don’t know what” the choice you’re making to remain intact, unopen, unbroken is easy. Choosing to open up no matter what can be hard too. It can be trying to remain compassionate and kind when your ego wants you to be selfish, but the abundance of experiences you gain from openness is more than worth it.

Due to your openness you’ll meet all kinds of great people, you’ll experience and channel more compassion. You’ll grow and evolve with more ease and trust. When you are open you tell the Universe to come in. You invite opportunity, and the Universe sends it, because now you are open. The opportunity won’t bounce off of you, it won’t be deflected unless you feel like it is truly, wholeheartedly out of alignment. Sometimes this opportunity is the most beautiful experience, sometimes the opportunity comes in the form of lesson and perspective. You aren’t inviting when you are closed off. And if you are asking the Universe for more opportunity while you’re not energetically open, what do you think is going to happen? Not much. That’s confusing to the Divine! Like sending out invitations without the address for the party.

Crack and break if you need to, ease yourself into it in the beginning. Open up and be the channel 110% The world has so much more to offer when you are open to it.

~Riley Reign

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