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How To Stay Inspired

How To Stay Inspired


I have seen many my age suffer from being “bored”, completely uninspired, and unmotivated with their life… Including myself.  And while its okay to reboot and re-explore ourselves, and our interests + passions… Sometimes once we stop for a moment, we find ourselves getting stuck in the quicksand of unhappiness, with no motivation or knowing how to stop the snowball. Now don’t get me wrong, some days are just going to not be that great. But most days don’t need to turn out that way.

So from personal experience, here are some nuggets of advice for anyone feeling stuck in a stagnant & low energy.

Keeping yourself inspired ~

We are the creators of our experiences for every day, week, month, year, moment of our lives. So when you notice you are slipping into that dull energetic place, feeling blah, low on energy, and lacking enthusiasm – Keep yourself inspired! In the beginning it may feel like a chore, just like any other practice, but in the end this habit is SO worth it.

Pulling yourself out of that low vibe ~

Instead of listening to your sappy playlist that makes your sadness or gloominess feel okay, pull yourself out of this space. Just because you are feeling sad, or were bumped into a lower vibration, doesnt mean you need to stay there! Acknowledge your feelings, accept them, and release them. It’s as simple as being aware of when your mind goes to a darker place and saying a little mantra when you notice this happening. “I release that which no longer serves me. If it doesn’t feed my soul, I bid it farewell”

Ways to lift yourself up ~

  1. Go to Pinterest, search your favorite categories, and create a Good Vibes board. Fill it with colors, sayings, places, ideas, etc. that never fail to lift your mood.
  2. Listen to music that lifts you up! Music is the soundtrack to most everyone’s lives. So listen to whatever music fills your soul with a magical “I can do anything” feeling. Notice, I said music that makes you feel magical. This is not a time to listen to the music that helps you to release or let go, this is time for the music that helps you raise your vibrations to move forward with your day. Or as Gabrielle Bernstein calls says “Listen to a Positive Perception Playlist”
  3. Read uplifting & empowering books. And before you give me the ” But I dont like to read” or “I don’t have time to read” excuses, let me remind you that Audio Books exist, and reading doesn’t take that much time! There are so many books that are based on a ‘short, sweet, and simple’ foundation. I highly recommend Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein, Daily OM – Learning To Live  by Madyson Taylor, and Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell (this book is a MUST in my opinion, this one changed my life for sure). You can read a ‘chapter’ of any of these books in 10-20 minutes (depending on your reading pace) as a start to your daily routine or to take a moment and give yourself some time to feed your soul.
  4. Meditate! Even if its just for ten minutes, take the time to focus on your breath. Maybe use a guided meditation if you haven’t meditated before (there’s tons of simple beginners guided meditations for free on YouTube). Focusing on your breath through meditation can help to calm your mind and re-center your body so that you can restart your day with a more pleasant & higher vibration.

Remember, we are the masters of our lives, and we create our experiences, so give yourself a task to get back on the high vibe track! Choose to see the magic,light, and positivity in your day, and choose to do things that feed your soul & lift you up. Choose to love + forgive. And choose it for YOU, because you deserve it so much!


~Riley Reign

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