How To Live A More Aligned Life

How To Live A More Aligned Life

Alignment is such a beautiful beautiful thing when we find it and truly feel it. Today I am sharing a few keys on how to live a more aligned life so that you can experience more light, love, abundance, and much  more.

Before you can begin to live an enriching life of alignment, you must know your truths and allow yourself to be guided by them. Before you can experience alignment, you must live an authentic life. When you live from a place of authenticity you live in a way that is clear, honest, and true to you. This opens up the space for opportunities of alignment to truly arise.

The next crucial piece to creating a life of alignment, is to trust your intuition. To follow your intuition is to follow your own clear inner knowing. That is a very powerful thing, and it takes some courage to stand grounded in your intuitive certainty often times. Follow your intuition if you wish to experience a more aligned life. Especially when it seems really silly, weird, or somewhat unrealistic.

Do more of what you love is a quote for a reason, kids! To experience, create, and center your life into a more aligned state, something that I find get’s overlooked is what people are doing in their every-day lives. Do more of what feels good. Do more of what lights you up. Follow your truths and intuition more. Do more of what you love, and you will find more and more alignment in your life.

Change what you dislike. If we want to live our lives by design and not default, we must lean into our fear of change and do the very thing we are afraid of. Change what needs changing. What specifically feels unaligned in your life? If you can, change it. If you think you can’t, do your best to try. If you actually, truly can’t…

Release what you cannot change. If you do not have the power or the will to change something, the next step is to release it. When you let go, you are also opening up. And opening up means creating space. The Universe wants to fill that space with magic. Each individuals definition of magic is tailored, and this attracts aligned opportunities. What are you holding onto that you could let go so you can let something stunning in?


I hope you have enjoyed this piece! Please comment below what note you resonated with most, and why!
~Riley Reign

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