How To Tell Your Intuition + Ego Apart

How To Tell Your Intuition + Ego Apart

This may be one of the top 5 things that people struggle with in their spirituality + connection to their Higher Self and Source. How do you tell your intuition and your ego apart?! How can you know what you are choosing is what is right for you? And how can you know for sure which voice in your head is that of wisdom, and which one is of ego. I can tell you that there are some very simple ways to detect which voice + thought pattern is which, but sometimes it is very hard to tell the two apart.

So how can you easier tell your inner voices apart? It’s easier than you may think! And still, sometimes it will be difficult to find your true soul answers, but I have a few tricks for those times too.


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Which voice is kind?

Each of us has a quiet, calm, and kind whisper within us, and a loud, defensive, not so kind voice to balance that. Your intuition will be the voice speaking to you softly, with clear knowing and trust. This whisper may not know how things will happen, but it knows they will. Whereas the ego voice will question everything the quiet heartfelt whisper is telling you, and will find ways to make you doubt what that simple, trusting whisper will have to say.


Which voice knows that you are divine?

Often times, we will find that the whispering voice believes that you can do anything (because you can, duh.), and the louder defensive ego voice will promote, and sometimes scream at you, limiting belief patterns. The voice that is completely faithful in your capability, magic, and willingness to trust in what it has to say is your intuition. The voice that forces possible problems down your throat, and questions your capability and magic, and tries to guilt you into playing small, that is your ego.


Which voice is understanding?

The two voices within us usually have these two undertones or personality types, 1) judgemental AF or 2) universally understanding. When you learn to seperate your intuition from your ego and acknowledge what each voice sounds like, and how each one acts, you will find this to be true for yourself. Look for guidance from the voice that encompasses universal understanding. This relates to the self, too. Which voice understands what you want, or are trying to achieve, and which voice is judgemental and questions your own desires? That which is understanding is your higher self, and that is where your intuition lies.


Where does this voice speak from?

Our ego speaks from our headspace, it is logical, and it follows and feeds into its own thought patterns of negativity, doubt, self-sabotage, and fear. Our intuition speaks from our heart space, and only offers its wisdom for you if you’d like to trust in its guidance. Where are the thoughts you are hearing speaking from? There you can see which voice is intuition and which is ego. Feel into the thought, and feel where it speaks from. Your heartspace is where your higher self exists, your headspace is where our biology allows us to analyze. Follow your heartspace. Analyzing has a place and time, but when you are seeking your own intuitive guidance it has no place.


Which voice knows, and which voice questions?

The voice that knows is the voice that speaks your truth. When you hear your intuition, what is says is, “This is your path. No questions, this is where you need to go/what you need to do.” The voice that questions, what a cute little ego, is the voice that says, “But what about this, and this, and this and this and this?!! What about those, huh? This isn’t going to work.” *insert sarcasm here* That voice doesn’t sound threatened by the clarity and cool-as-a-cucumber vibe that the other voice offered you, right? The voice that is cool as a cucumber is the one that speaks your truth and is offering you your divine guidance + work.



The more you listen to that quiet whisper, the louder it will become and the easier it will be to see, feel, and hear. I’d love to know which tool was your favorite to recognize the difference between your ego + intuition, so please feel free to share with us in the comments below!



~Riley Reign

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7 thoughts on “How To Tell Your Intuition + Ego Apart

  1. Wow, I loved everything about this post. It really made me realize how much negativity goes through my brain and how I’m not even aware of it because I’ve become accustomed to it. I will definitely start paying more attention! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. I love this post. We all have to know which voices we should listen to and which voices we shouldn’t. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have always struggled with which voice to listen to, and have been making a real effort to listen to the kinder more intuitive one. This post will definitely help ensure that I am listening to the right one!

  4. This was a very interesting and insightful read. It’s great to be able to recognize the difference in every situation ( as difficult as it might sound ).

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