The Importance of Claiming Your Authenticity

The Importance of Claiming Your Authenticity

The word ‘authenticity’ has become a buzz-word of sorts recently, and as much as I dislike the buzz-word trend, I think this is an incredibly important topic that our society needs more of. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that the masks we once were no longer work. It’s becoming more meaningful to live out a transparent life, dazzling or incredibly messy or both, rather than a life of falsehoods, and that is a message I can get behind

I made a vow to myself somewhere around 12 or 13 years old that I would never wear a mask or hide myself, no matter who I was around. I was told that I couldn’t realistically do that, and that that was just the way the world worked a lot of the time. That wasn’t something I was willing to let get in my way of building the life I wanted to live, and to be the beautiful mess of a person I am.


The Importance of Claiming Your Authenticity from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Lucky for me, my peers have all grown up and our Millennial voices are shaking up the game on many a level. These masks we tend to wear are no longer taken at face value. They do not work any longer, because everyone is awakening to the fact that everyone around them wears the same masks.

We don’t want to know your story anymore, we want to know your experiences. What have you lived through? What makes your heart sing? What inspires you? Who do you really want to be?

Our society that used to keep most of the messy parts of life hush-hush and under tight wraps, has broken free and seems to be asking more and more, “Show me your darkness, and we can make it into light.” Trending or not, I am all in for this ‘movement’.

You need to allow yourself your birth given right to be unapologetically and authentically you. When we choose to wear a mask instead of sewing our hearts onto our sleeve, it is an act of murder in a way. We kill off a part of ourselves in hiding our realness, if not our whole self, and that is a very unfortunate truth.

When you do not share, or allow, your soul essence to be freely, you do in fact die. You, the person who is reading this right now, the you that isn’t wearing a mask for anyone else in this moment, that person dies to allow something else to fill it’s space for a few hours, days, or years. This is a very real, not metaphorical, truth.

No one want’s to die young, but when we choose to allow our truths, passions, and ways of being slip away that seems to be exactly what happens. It is a state of being that is unfulfilled, untrue, and more than unnecessary. Passing buzz-word or not, this is why we need to live authentically.

We know better now. We can do better anytime. So why not choose today? Our self-imposed fear of judgement or criticism is the only reason we put a mask on in the first place. I myself, would much rather be judged and criticised for who I truly am, than for an edited or filtered version of who I am.

It is more than likely that we will all be judged by each other on some level anyway. Why not be judged for who we truly are? Why not be judged for the You that you love, the authentic and raw you, rather than the you that you’ll never see when you look in the mirror? Claiming a personality, sexuality, feeling, opinion, etc. that is not of your own is self disempowerment, and you cannot claim it with truth on your side. It is claiming unfulfillment, falsehood, and it results in an unhappy life.

Claim your authenticity so that you can free your own life and your happiness. Maybe you will inspire others along the way and this awakening will continue to grow.


~Riley Reign


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19 thoughts on “The Importance of Claiming Your Authenticity

  1. What a great post, Riley! As a millenial myself, I feel you really tapped into the importance of being your most authentic self. I’ve looked through your blog and it all seems so insightful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with everyone. 🙂

  2. I think everybody try to be true to themself but not everybody has the chance to know who they really are! Especially when we are a teenager, that is the most difficult time of your life and the time you mostly will have your identity crises. And once we might think who we are experiences and events in life change you.

  3. It’s so true that it’s better to voice our imperfections. I think it makes us relatable along with authentic, and allows us to make more meaningful bonds with other people.

  4. This post inspires me to write more personal type posts for my blog. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that yet. Thank you for such a inspring post.

  5. Love this article.
    “Show me your darkness, and we can make it into light.”
    It’s true. We experience the darkness, so we can be the light for others that are going through the same thing. I started my blog out of the same principle.

  6. This was such a great read. I think we all need to shed our masks that hide our true selves and be completely authentic with ourselves and with the world around us. As bloggers we need to be even more authentic, I guess that’s the zest of being a better blogger.

  7. I always believe in being myself and not fake. Authenticity is the biggest strength but sadly people hide their true being behind a mask. Let us take out the mask and breathe fresh though we look more aged, less rich, less educated or whatever.

  8. I love the positive vibes I am getting from your post! Very spiritual and very relaxing tones! Really enjoyed reading it and I agree, being authentic is of up most importance!

  9. Authenticity is what every blogger should work for. This is really inspiring. I heard about being authentic from a top marketer on his own blog. But never knew that how one can try to be authentic.

  10. I think it’s definitely important knowing who you are. It’s best in life to be an honest and authentic person because if you don’t, you won’t be confident in yourself.

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