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Honor Your Process

Honor Your Process

For the entire month of August I am publishing a brand new blog every single day, and you may have noticed that today’s blog went live a little bit later than most of my blogs thus far. This is because I had to honor my own process – and that’s exactly what todays blog is going to be about.

In our society we are not very kind to ourselves, and we tend to not give ourselves enough room to fully experience our lives. Including the less than pretty parts of it. We can live so much more fully, however, if we allow ourselves the space we need to fully honor where we are. That doesn’t mean when we come face to face with pain, emotion, or change, that we cling to it like our lives depend on it. It means that when we come face to face with pain, emotion, or change, that we allow ourselves the space to feel it, allow it to move through us, and we allow ourselves to experience our own process.


Honor Your Process from the Spirit & Soul blog
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There is divine timing for everything in Life. What we often fail to see is that sometimes it is our divine timing to experience some less than magical feelings and experiences. Sometimes, the only thing Life expects from us, is for us to sit with wherever we are + whatever we are feeling. Not dwelling in it, but being with it.

Often times when I take on a new mentoring client, for a single session or a long-term mentorship, their first session ends up needing to be rescheduled for a later date. I find that this is nearly always because a client needs to learn from experience about their own divine timing, and they need to learn how to honor their own process before we begin working together to make the shifts they desire within their lives. Not only does this help them grow gentler with themselves and their experiences, it frees them from the expectation they hold on themselves so that they can be more receptive to the guidance and work that is offered to them in a mentoring session.

As much as a client may be sorry about rescheduling, I am never upset about it. I trust in their divine timing for being able to receive the guidance they need. I trust in their divine timing to be open to that guidance so that they can receive it. I trust in their process, and I want them to honor that just as deeply as they want to honor my time + energy with a mentoring session.

When we can experience the blessing of a magical mess that life is more fully, we can learn and grow with more strength and wisdom to carry us.

I promised to publish a blog everyday in the month of August, and I am. Yesterday, when I would have written this blog, I needed to breathe. I needed to be alone, to sit with where I was for a bit, and to just be there. Learning how to be in that space and allow those feelings to move through you rather than break you is a huge gift in itself.


How will you honor your process today? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

~Riley Reign

Why Exploring Your Shadow Is Necessary + How You Can Do It

Why Exploring Your Shadow Is Necessary + How You Can Do It

What would you think if I told you that your Shadow(s) are one of your greatest gifts in life? If you think that statement is crazy, I would like to prove you wrong in this blog. I believe our society has become too afraid of our own pains and darknesses in life, when if we would look at them with the right perception we would see that these pains, darknesses, and shadows are merely abundant opportunities waiting on us to play.

Yes, I said play. Because you can definitely play in darkness. It may not be as pleasant as playing in light may feel, however you can bring the intention of play into your darkness and experience a much different process of growth and expansion. Which is exactly what this post is going to be about. Our shadow(s), darkness, and pain(s), are our biggest gifts in life because they are opportunities for serious expansion and growth.


Why Exploring Your Shadow Is Necessary + How You Can Do It from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Also, healing cannot occur unless we work with (notice: not sit with/in) our shadow. You cannot live in the light all of the time and be a vibrant healed butterfly every moment of your life. Because this is Life. We have to work with our pains and shadows in certain spaces in our lives because it is time for us to grow, evolve, and expand into our next version of vibrancy and authenticity.

There is a certain amount of life that we have to spend working with our darkness and doing the work we need to do to heal, so that we can be the vibrant healed butterflies that we want to be as much as possible. Our darkness + our shadow selves are deeply valuable gifts in life, when we allow them to be. These experiences, though unpleasant, teach us about the light we seek and how to become it.

So the next question becomes, how can we explore our shadows, darkness, and pains with the least bit of upset as possible? It’s not an easy practice, but it is one of the most powerful in my experience. I have personally found that it starts with a foundation of understanding and awareness. Before you even intentionally work with your shadow, you have to have an awareness that the outcome will be for your highest good, and the only thing that can come from moving through your darkness will be even more light.

You have to understand that everything happens for a reason, and everything happens in divine timing. So if something is coming up for you with your shadow, darkness, or pain, this is a sign that it is time to explore, heal, and grow from whatever is showing up for you to heal for yourself. You will never leave this work without having learned a new lesson, and if you think you did the work but don’t have a lesson as a souvenier, then you’re not done doing the work. There is a brilliant video about this very thing from the equally brilliant Glennon Doyle Melton that you can watch below (it’s a longer one, so make some coffee or tea and take the time to enjoy it, let it speak to your soul and teach you).




I invite you today to see your shadows as opportunities. Pick one, and gently begin to work with it. Bring your light along with you and it won’t feel so dark, scary, or lonely. You choose your destiny, but if you want to get there you have to heal some things along the way. And along that journey know that you are loved and supported in every way.


~Riley Reign

This Is How The World Is Going To Change

This Is How The World Is Going To Change

I am blogging every day this month, and with that, I am going to practice allowing. Today this means I am allowing what wants to be written to be written and shared, which I haven’t done in quite a while and it feels good so far.

This Is How The World Is Going To Change from the Spirit & Soul blog
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The world is not going to change by you screaming about what you don’t want, though it may make your throat hurt. The world is not going to change from your rage tweets, either. Though you may get cramps in your hands from the way you grip your phone in despair. I also doubt the world is going to change only from your protests. This goes for all sides.

The world will not change if you are trying to prove yourself right, or someone else wrong. It will not change if you spend your time sharing your opinion through memes, if you spend your time printing tee shirts that read ‘RESIST’, or if you spend your time trying to be okay with what feels wrong or upsetting that is going on in the world.

The world is not going to change if you eat kale and meditate on peace everyday. Maybe the meditating will help, but you’ll need a lot more where that came from, and you are only one person.

I’m sorry, the world is not going to change with that masterfully written think piece from HuffPost being shared a few hundred times, either.

The world will not change with your spirituality or religion, with your hope or your faith, or your lack thereof. We do not need the government to change for our world to change, either.

We need us to change. 

If you want to know how the world is going to change, ask yourself how you can change the world. If the whole world feels too big for you to heal, help, or uplift, then start with your world. Heal, help, and uplift yourself. Maybe you’ll inspire others along the way. Heal, help, and uplift your family, your friends, your office. Heal, help, and uplift your city if you can. Do your best. 

But please, just do something. I write because I want to inspire and empower people, and because I know that in time that will help to change the world.



Why do you do what you do? Give it meaning, give it purpose. Bring your work, whatever it is to life. Bring it light.

The world will change when we stop kicking and screaming, but instead choose to stand up straight, step off our pedestals or break our own chains, and get our hands in the soil. Do the work. Dig deep. Heal deeply. Help deeply. Uplift with all of the light that you can. And then make more of that light, because you’ll need it tomorrow.

The world will change when we can change ourselves. Who do you want to be in this life? Live that out loud. What do you want to be remembered for? Live that out loud.

The world will change when we stop looking away from the homeless beggars on the street corner while we judge them and what they could have used your money for, and instead pray for them and hold space for them to find what it is that they need on their journey.

The world will change when we tell our fear and concern of the reality to “Hush, now”, because we have work to do, and we can’t be bothered if we want the change we wish to see in the world be realized. The world will change, you see, when we bring our light to the negativity. Not when we try to drown it out completely, but rather by shifting its energy intentionally.

The Law of Attraction says that as much as you dream something into being, there must be action to support its manifestation. You can dream your dream car up, but when it offers itself to you if you say “No” to signing the papers, what good was your dreaming for anyway? We’ve all dreamed up our dreams of the beautiful world we live in and how it could be more beautiful, we better make damn sure we dot our I’s and cross our T’s, shouldn’t we?

The world will change when we show up to our work with hands ready to create and spirits ready to grow. When we can not just be a part of the conversation, or the resistance, or the movement, but when we can be a part of each other. When we can see ourselves in each other, and when we can both be at peace with our differences, and continue to work together. The world will change when we let our hearts and souls guide us, rather than our thoughts and opinions.

If darkness is the greatest canvas for light, then the world will change when we hold gratitude for our darkness, and begin to paint our light.



~Riley Reign