Modern Day Mindfulness and Meditation with Welzen

Let’s face it, knowing where to start with meditation or mindfulness practice can be incredibly confusing or difficult! How can we take the beautiful practices and wisdom from ancient leaders and mold them to fit our busy, 21st century, everyday lives?
Meditation and Mindfulness apps have been on the rise for a while now, and I have one of the most popular ones to share with you today. Welzen app is a meditation and mindfulness guide for the modern age! The branding is beautifully vibrant and inspiring, and the guided meditations are perfect for anyone trying to find more peace within the chaotic rush of life.
Welzen explains some of the science behind meditation, “Mindfulness Meditation has proven to increase and decrease certain areas of the brain for optimal function. It increases neurons and connections in the prefrontal cortex, responsible for emotion regulation, the right anterior insula, associated with attention and awareness, the left hippocampus responsible for learning & memory, and the temporoparietal junction, related to perspective, empathy and compassion. It also shrinks the amygdala, the “fight or flight” part of the brain associated with anxiety, fear, and stress.
An important thing I feel people often miss out on about meditation, which is that it doesn’t have to be spiritual if you don’t want it to be. However, it is incredible brain hacking power. To dismiss meditation practices and tools purely because you perceive it as ‘woo-woo’ is a very unfortunate thing.
Welzen has a variety of places to start your meditation journey. Specific areas of life like stress management, better sleep patterns, improvement of relationships, and SO MUCH more have guided meditations at varying lengths. There is even a kids meditation group that I had my younger sister try (age 7).
My sister fell in love and went on to do another meditation on her own. She felt it was both fun and relaxing at the same time! What a gift for a young child to learn how to meditate and work with her brain.
I also mentioned before the branding of the Welzen Meditation and Mindfulness app. The branding is pretty epic in my opinion. There are cute as hell little alien monsters that bring a playful element to the app itself. The colors are all very vibrant, but they blend beautifully. While the colors are vibrant, they are not overwhelming. I am a huge believer in color therapy, and the way these colors work together throughout the app is both visually stunning and emotionally soothing.
Welzen’s guided meditations begin with simple breathing techniques that take less than 5 minutes to learn and start. As I mentioned before there are many different places you can start from, this personalized meditation experience is something I think is so important for learning meditation in such modern times. I have been on ten-day silent meditation courses, and while that was an insanely beautiful and unexplainable on many a level, it is unrealistic for most people to start there — let alone know that is an option at all!
All in all, if you’re someone beginning or seeking a meditation and mindfulness practice I highly recommend Welzen as a place to start out gently and powerfully.
~Riley Reign

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