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In Response to : ‘What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life’

In Response to : ‘What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life’

***Trigger warning***: this blog is going to be very passionate and big hearted. I hope dearly that you are not offended by such energy and perspective. And if you are, what the heck are you doing here!? (This space is all love and positive energy, and if you find anything I say in this blog offensive or distasteful please know that was not my intention, as I write from a space of unconditional love along with an intention of expansion of consciousness.)

This blog is a response to the blog recently published, that went somewhat viral, from A Life in Progress titled ‘What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life’. I have personal and biased opinions and perspectives on life that is heavily contradictory to this post, but I also found some things mentioned in this post as evidence of a small and simple life of mediocrity that I find powerful and beautifully impactful. My intention here is to showcase those ‘little things’ and offer a perspective shift that brings those ‘little things’ into a shining, powerful and impactful light.

The author of this piece, Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui, seems to be a beautiful soul doing the best she can to bring light and serve others. She is a self-proclaimed ‘imperfect light bearer’, as her website bio reads. I could see us being very kindred, however this is my first issue with this article, as anyone working to bring forth light in this world is in no way living small. That action does not occur without a subtle but eventual world influencing ripple effect. To wish for and hold space for the goodness of others is not a small action or philosophy, and it is far from mediocre at the least.

In Response to: 'What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life?' from the Spirit & Soul blog
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The article begins with this opening, “What if all I want is a small, slow, and simple life? What if I am most happy in the space of in between. Where calm lives. What if I am mediocre and choose to be at peace with that?” To this I would like to say, there is deeply rooted wisdom and power within peace, especially choosing to experience peace. There is nothing small-minded or mediocre about this. If we are speaking of the same kind of peace, what we are speaking of is transcendent and contagiously shifts consciousness when shared. Even further, what I have come to know of the woman writing this piece is that she is not mediocre, and I beg her not to accept something so disempowering and untrue of herself.

The whole piece is written not about mediocrity, but about breaking societal roles and expectations. It is more about embracing of authenticity and the letting go of trying to be someone or something that we are not. Nothing, absolutely nothing, about that message is mediocre. The author shares experiences like, “What if I never build an orphanage in Africa but send bags of groceries to people here and there and support a couple of kids through sponsorship. What if I just offer the small gifts I have to the world and let that be enough.” and “What if I don’t want to write a cookbook or build a six figure business or speak before thousands. But I write because I have something to say and I invest in a small community of women I care about and encourage them to love and care for themselves well.” as validating examples of mediocrity, when the truth of these actions is actually the opposite.

There is absolutely nothing about offering the gifts you have to the world that is mediocre. There is absolutely nothing about writing because you have something to say and something to share that is mediocre. To be mediocre, by definition means to be “of only moderate quality; not very good.” I am not a religious person by any means, but I wholeheartedly believe we humans were made in the likeness and image of God, and I have a really hard time finding anything mediocre about that, which tells me that even in our essence we cannot be mediocre.

You can both impact the world positively and make your life count in a seemingly small and slow way, please tell me you see the immense beauty and influence that has, because there is nothing about it that rings mediocre from my perspective. I’ll tell you this though, you cannot be a positive influence in any one person’s life and be living small. Here’s why, wanting and offering more for someone else is not a small minded desire or action, and that kind of unconditional compassion and fierce light working creates a ripple effect beyond your belief.

From being aware of that ripple effect, I know that I want to make waves and I know that you cannot do that by living small, but that doesn’t mean you cannot still be human and still have space to grow at your own pace. I respect each of you and each of your personal journeys very deeply. I need you to know how much power and true light you are giving away in accepting your gifts, whatever they may be, as something mediocre.

If it feels like you are living in a small way, I ask you warmly to acknowledge that you are not someone or something small. Embrace your power and influence, even if it doesn’t feel like it is that worldly relatable or impactful, because the reality is that every action you take from a heart centered space is one that will ripple out love and light into the world more than you can know. Each one of us was born with a beautiful power to consciously begin that ripple effect and impact the world in our own ways, and to live as if we cannot change things or be the light we wish to see is in denial of our true nature.


~Riley Reign

Gaia Collective’s MoonBox is a Match Made in Full Moon Ritual Heaven // Review

Gaia Collective’s MoonBox is a Match Made in Full Moon Ritual Heaven // Review

As some of you may know, this past week there was a gorgeous Full Moon in Sagittarius. The energy was vibrant, super-inspiring, and like many full moons are it was a little bit intense. Now, I have written about how to work with the Lunar cycle a few times before on the blog, but I have never shared any products or anything that relates to your moon rituals or practices.

I find that a lunar practice or ritual is a very personal and often quite intuitive thing, and I have always maintained an unbiased place of encouragement and guidance with your full moon practice. Which should tell you, that the fact I am even talking about this service is a big deal for me and the blog.


A Review of Gaia Collective's MoonBox from the Spirit & Soul Blog
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The Gaia Collective MoonBox made this past full moon the best full moon practice I have ever had. And I am not laying it on thick or trying to be one of those bloggers that just loves products, because I am not that girl. The MoonBox was simply and simultaneously profoundly the cherry on top of my ritual this past month.

Not only was the box incredibly gorgeous, well put together and very intentionally thought out, it was also quite exciting and inspiring. The items I received were incredibly inspiring to my practice as well as nourishing for my mind, body, and spirit. Just opening the box and exploring what came with it this month was a treat, let alone bringing each divine little goody into my ritual of self-care and personal growth.

I can remember quite well saying, “Oh my goodness. I feel so special.” at least 5 times while opening the box, and that is something that isn’t extremely profound, but to have the small touches of extra abundance and to create such a luxurious richness within my experience really made my practice much more beautiful. It was such a blessing, because the shifts I had that night were a little bit intense and emotional, so to also have the balance and softness of the lovely products from the MoonBox was truly sweet.

I had a really lovely time of practicing my own self-care and personal growth while I shared a good portion of my ritual essentials on my instagram story and I’d love for you to see and get as in depth of a review of the MoonBox as possible. Below you’ll find some photos of the products I received this past month, along with what I thought of them!


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I was lucky to receive this month a beautiful turquoise choker necklace from Nabee Jewelry Design, a delicious strawberry tea blend that was perfect for the strawberry moon, a few gorgeous crystals, along with an essential oil blend for wearing and another for room energy clearing, and a bedtime dream tonic. Now, I am head over heels in love with nearly everything in this box. I say nearly everything because if I am being honest, there was one thing in the box that I didn’t use, and that was the bedtime lucid dreaming tonic, because honestly it kind of scared me a little.

I am so excited, happy, and grateful to say that Gaia Collective and I will be collaborating on a box together very soon! If you’d like to get your own Moon Box for the next full moon you can do that here. If you’re interested in what Gaia and I are collaborating on sign up for my newsletter here to get VIP access.


Happy Full Mooning!
~Riley Reign

Are You Ready To Acknowledge Your Power?

Are You Ready To Acknowledge Your Power?

As many of my readers know and have experienced, I lead courses in the Personal Growth with Riley Reign teachable classroom. I am so very excited to announce that this year I will be launching 4 courses in total, with complimentary mini courses to match, and the first of this years courses launches TODAY (February 24th, 2017).

Are you ready to acknowledge your power? If so, this course will be your eloquent guide. The Acknowledge Your Power course is a 10 day course I have created to help you see where and how you can show up to your life with more power + presence.

Have you found yourself being robbed of your energy by others actions or ways of being? Do you sometimes feel that there is a better solution to a problem, but you just don’t quite know what it is? Do you wish you had better ways to protect your energy or amplify the positivity when it is present?



With 10 days of 10+ tools, this course covers all of those bases and more. I personally use these tools and insights in my own life daily and I cannot wait to see all of you beautiful people claim your power and your lives through this 10 day journey.


What you will learn

1. Where you are giving your power away in your life, and how to consciously reclaim it as your own.

2. My favorite practices for stepping back from a problem so that you can look at it as a whole, with love. This allows for more grace, positivity and flow to occur in your life.

3. Tools and mindset shifting practices that will help you learn how to be more conscious and aware of your energy, and how you show up to your life.

4. How to live your life with more power, presence, and confidence.


I’ll see you in the classroom! The brand new course has launched and is ready for enrollments, as well as some other offers of courses (some are free!)

~Riley Reign

Overcoming Stress + Overwhelm

Overcoming Stress + Overwhelm



Stress + overwhelm. Sometimes it is totally valid and sometimes these feelings could not be bigger upper limits. Either way we cannot let stress and overwhelm hinder our creation or confidence. So how do we overcome such emotions?

We’ve got to feel our feelings and move through them, it is a part of life we must experience. It is a huge part of why we are here in the first place I believe. Yet we shouldn’t wallow or be overly dramatic about the situations we are in. So really take a look at what you are feeling and why. Honor your Now. Acknowledge and learn where you are at.

Overcoming Stress & Overwhelm from The Spirit & Soul Blog


Figure out if what you are experiencing is reality, or if you are dramatically reimagining a version of reality. Then return to your center, remember your truths. Your power, your capability, your connection, your faith (whatever that may be for you). If your feelings are valid, root into your center and get serious, get to work on whatever mental block is causing you worry and heal it. Make something amazing come of it, as only you can.

If your feelings are overdone with the unnecessary worry and future tripping, find your center and root into it. Remind yourself of what is real and true. Sink into your peace and calm and bathe there for a while. Release your worrisome future tripping mentality and revel deeply into your Now.

The Now is the only real thing there is in regards to time, so why not live in it? Rather than the past or future, live in right now. Stressing, worrying, being worked up about ‘what if’s’ doesn’t give you any truthful, honest, or real answers… Being in the present does. Making the Now yours + incredible for you is all you can do. So long as you are doing your best (your truest best… it’s better than you think. More than you realize you are capable) you are golden.


~Riley Reign