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You Must Speak Your Soul’s Truth

You Must Speak Your Soul’s Truth

Yesterday one of the biggest articles I have ever been called to write (that took me months to align with) was published on Thrive Global, which is a pretty big deal for a young, hard-working writer, let alone any writer. The article has a huge message, one that was daunting to write and is a little bit daunting to have out in the world on such a large platform. Which is exactly as I originally intended. And still, I trust in the divine reasons it is being supported and guided. With this experience I am reminded of the importance of speaking your truth and your light.

The timing of this article having been published is impeccable, especially considering I wasn’t sure the article would even be something that Thrive was open to publishing. And here we are, the article is published and out there for the world to do with it what they wish. I have no clue what will come of that, I have faith that it will be good, even if it is not what I may desire it to be.


Speak Your Soul's Truth from the Spirit & Soul blog
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This is what I am reminded of though: it is so important to speak your truth. Even if it scares you a little bit. Especially if it scares you, or makes you uncomfortable. This article was terrifying to me (just as much as it was exciting). And yet, it needed to be written, it had to be written by me, and I had to learn how to write it in the way it called to be. That article was a truth of mine, a soul deep wisdom, that I needed to share. If I didn’t I am nearly sure I would have carried it with me into my next life.

What soul truth are you holding within you, that needs to be expressed? This article had been a mere “I wonder what it would look like if…” for a very long time, probably longer than I am consciously aware of. It began to tap me on the shoulder more and more intentionally over time, and it is still now becoming one of my largest messages that I would like to share and offer within my work and being in this lifetime.

We must shine our light, and speak our truths, so that the world as we know it can continue to evolve into a more vibrant place. We must allow what wants to be created through us or by us to be created, so that the world can continue to unite through art, love, and understanding. This is why it is so important for you to speak your soul’s truth(s), just as much as it is for me to do the same. We have to both show up for the change we wish to see, and allow ourselves to be changed by the process.

When we do not speak our truth, our authenticity, and our light, we very literally kill off a part of ourselves that is the exact thing we crave for the world, and that we want to see in the world. Please do not kill off the part of yourself that is what you seek. If you have done that, please bring him/her back to life. Allow that part of you to lead your life, to create your world, and to speak its truth.


I’d love to hear how you are going to allow this message to change your life, so sound off in the comments below!

~Riley Reign