20 Mantras For Basically Any Occasion

1)For when you’re not quite feeling yourself, when you’re feeling unbalanced, or disempowered

2) For when you seriously need to ground yo-self

Carly Marie’s work is so powerful and impeccable, she’s a favorite artist and inspirer of mine. Check her out here.

3) For anyone in the process of healing from any kind of trauma

4) For when you’re feeling small or powerless

5) For when you need a reminder to just be and move with the tides

6) The perfect morning reminder

7) For when nothing feels like enough

8) For when Life itself is pushing you

9) For when you’re seeking transformation, but aren’t sure what you’re getting is what you signed up for

10) For when you need to remember to/need a little help with being open

11) For when the ‘Do It’ Girls + Guys needs a little reminder to dance with Life

12) For when you may be forgetting to do your part

13) For when you need a little self love

14) For when you need a reminder that you + your soul are in control, not your thoughts

15) For when you feel a little lost

16) For when you need to remember your own strength and take a chill pill

17) For when intention needs a reality check

18) For when you need an extra push to jump

19) For when you need another push to own your own magnificence

20) My personal favorite, a lesson my own Poppy taught me when I was presented with a Divine Opportunity

You can’t fuck anything up. It will either work out beautifully or you’ll learn a powerful lesson. And that is equally as beautiful. Whatever happens will only aid you + your souls growth and evolution.

~Riley Reign


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