5 Easy + Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness Daily

Mindfulness, the beautiful practice of awareness and being present. It is such a gorgeous and simple life tool to use, but still people find themselves intimidated by even just beginning the adventure of exploring a practice for their everyday lives. I’d like to dissolve your fear, resistance, and uncertainty with this article, if I may.

The mindful lifestyle is one that is often unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Mindfulness is a series of very subtle, very non-physical shifts in mindset and awareness. These tools can help you grow, experience more peace, and allow you to show up to Life in a more graceful way. And I promise you, it is not very hard to get started! To prove it to you, here are 7 easy and simple ways you can practice mindfulness in your everyday life.


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Taking the time within your day at different times to hold some space for deep gratitude is both incredibly nourishing and inspiring. This practice does not need to be profound or incredibly detailed at all. Take note of the sunset and how gorgeous it is, and take a moment to be grateful, to really drink in the moment. Take note of how a friend reached out to you, and really, truly, deeply be appreciative and express your gratitude to said friend.


Meditation is another great way to practice mindfulness in a really gentle but intentional way. Like many other tools in this article you’ll find, this practice does not have to be serious or profound. Allow it to be simple, and in that it will be exactly what you need.

Any meditation technique that will bring you into your body, grounded and calm, will set you on the right track for taking on your day in a headspace of awareness and flow.


Intentionally breathe. It’s one of the most powerful mindfulness techniques there are. Breathe deeply. Release if you need to. Invite joy if you need to. Full bodied breaths are the most powerful cleansing and recentering tools you have, and it doesn’t take much effort either!


Speaking of intentionality… Bringing intention into your life is a simple and powerful tool to get you into the right vibration for any situation. Where your attention goes, energy flows. This is the perfect way to get your attention and energy in alignment with the outcome you desire. It may not be exact or perfect in comparison to what you want, but set a positive intention for any situation that might otherwise be negative and see how you bring the light to the surface.


They say that you don’t always really know anyone else’s story, and it’s quite true. This applies to EVERYONE. The guy on the bus, the homeless person on the street corner, the person in line in front of you at a restaurant, the woman having a hard time in your office. This is mindfulness, holding that understanding and loving, caring, and helping the best you can either way.

This blog has been in collaboration with the ever so lovely Danielle from Realm of Vibes (check out her blog about mindfulness here), and we have opened up some space for a 5 day mindfulness challenge (it’s going to be incredible! Sign up here or by clicking through the image below). I’d love to hear about your practice of mindfulness or your experiences of mindfulness being make it or break it in the comments below.

I hope to see your beautiful face participating in the #InTheMoment5DayChallenge over on instagram very soon!



~Riley Reign

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