A Simple + Powerful Tool for Daily Protection

A person, occurrence, or petty comment made throughout the day can throw us off energetically a lot of the time. Especially if it brings a negative experience or emotion to the surface. So how can we prevent or control something like this from shifting our entire day and energy? I have a really simple yet incredibly powerful tool to share that can help to protect you energetically as well as physically if needed.

Imagine a bubble surrounding you.

I told you it was simple! Start your day with visualizing your bubble surrounding you, protecting you, keeping the energy within the bubble and around your body vibrant, joyful, and free of impurities. Clean and clear and protected from any dark or negative energy, emotions, and events.

Your bubble can be whatever color you wish, or whatever color comes to you first. The color of your bubble may change over time. This bubble will protect you and your energy field as long as you’d like. If you experienced something traumatic in specific place that you have to visit, implement your bubble to protect you and anyone else you wish. (i.e. my younger sister broke her arm after falling off of a playground at our uncles house, she visualizes her bubble surrounding and protecting her everytime we go there. She has even given the playground its own bubble to keep anything bad from happening there again.)

If there is a person or place that affects you negatively, visualize your bubble protecting you, blocking any negativity from reaching you. You can also visualize any negativity being projected toward you bouncing off of the bubble back to it’s sender, or you can visualize negative energy being transmuted into positive energy when it hits your bubble. Gifting that space with more positive energy, lifting the room up from the low place it may have been in beforehand. Whatever feels right for you is what you should do.

I hope this tool helps you in feeling more comfortable and unfuckwithable in certain places or situations!

~Riley Reign


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