Hold Gratitude // A Gentle Reminder

Hold gratitude for this lifetime
Take your thankfulness and state it, claim it.
Acknowledge the magic, the blessings, the guidance. Acknowledge the lessons, the growth, the expansion
Share it, implement it, use it to teach
Others and yourself
Look at the positive, the negative, the in between.
It’s all a part of the journey. The evolution of your being.
Study all the good stuff, it can move you to tears.
Study all the bad stuff, use it to break through those fears.
Life is not easy, yet it doesn’t have to be hard.
Use your beautiful, powerful, gracious mind
Bring light to the light and the blessings will multiply.
Be open, be receptive
Go through the motions, move through the lessons
And through it all hold Gratitude
Because there are so many blessings

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