Transformation Inspirations : Cara Samuels (Inspired Transformation Case Study)

Today I am so proud to share with you the Inspired Transformation Case Study of Cara Samuels, a fabulous Inspired Transformation alum, and a definite Transformation Inspiration!
Inspired Transformation is a 6 week online course experience designed to help you consciously and intentionally cultivate YOUR Inspired Transformation. This course will help you to elevate your life so that you can live in your truth, shine your light, and become the person your soul is calling you to become. The 2018 class of Inspired Transformation enrollment is open NOW through January 12th (2018), and the course will begin live January 15th. 
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Cara Samuels is an incredibly bright and dedicated light-worker! She joined a very special intimate group of Inspired Transformation that I ran this past fall all the way from Scotland, and she completely flourished within her confidence, desires, and readiness to step fully into herself and her gifts! Here is her lovely Inspired Transformation interview for Transformation Inspirations!
Where were you in life and how were you feeling before you experienced Inspired Transformation?
At the beginning of a journey and feeling a little lost.
What were your hesitations or concerns about enrolling in Inspired Transformation?
I would say that I was just unsure about what it was about, or what we would be working on.
What was the most powerful part of the course experience for you + your journey?
The inner-work that you do is incredibly powerful, and so exciting to consider what you can achieve for yourself!
How did you feel as you explored and experienced Inspired Transformation throughout the 6 weeks?
The course was very exciting – I definitely feel abundant in both my dreams and my ability to get there!
Would you share your overall Inspired Transformation experience?
This course gives you exactly what it says it will – an Inspired Transformation. In 6 weeks, it is incredible how much you can change, and I now feel that not only are my goals achievable – I can create much more than I had ever given thought to!
What was your biggest fear about claiming your life, desires, and the person you wanted to become?
I can honestly say that I didn’t really consider this until the course – Inspired Transformation made me think about that, in a safe space, be curious about what my fears might be, and how to change my story. My biggest fear was definitely around my ability to see things through, and stick with my goals.
How do you feel about that fear now?
Now, I feel that I am responsible for how I create my outcome. I can certainly still have those doubts, but they don’t have to dictate my outcome.
What has been your biggest take-away from the Inspired Transformation experience?
Thinking bigger, and how to deal with the fear and doubt that inevitably comes up.
If you were to share the Inspired Transformation course with someone you know, or someone thinking about enrolling, what would you say to them?
Definitely do it – give it the time it deserves, and you definitely deserve the outcome!
What would you say to someone afraid of or hesitant to invest in Inspired Transformation?
What you get out of this is worth far more than your investment!
Now that you have co-created and cultivated your intentional Inspired Transformation, what do you have to share about the course experience and your transformation for someone who is on the opposite side of transformation?
I totally get it – I don’t think doubt, fear, confusion, will ever be something we live without, but you will have the tools to work through all the limitations and toward your better self and come out the other end in a better place than you ever think is achievable!
You’ve heard me harping on about Inspired Transformation over the last few months, and now you get to see it’s magic in real life! Cara was such an incredible student of Inspired Transformation and I am so grateful to hold space and cheer her on as she creates her dream coaching business and realizes the life of her dreams this year!
If this is interview and Cara’s story resonates with you, and you’d like to cultivate and experience your own Inspired Transformation, you can enroll in the 6 week course experience now right hereNow is your time, and it’s time you LIVE in your light
~Riley Reign
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