Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start

I’ve covered this topic before, some of our day one reader’s may notice. This time though, I am coming at it from a different angle. There is always a perfect time to start something and I am here to tell you that whatever it is, the perfect time to start it is now. I understand how this concept can be confusing, I can understand how many of the ego’s out there will try and talk you into the contrary, and I understand why Resistance would make itself known when you try to own this practice.

The blocks like to come out swinging and ‘strong’ when we come upon simple truths such as this one. Recognizing how these blocks show up when you stumble upon something that feels so right and life-giving is one of the most important ways to break through them. Because when you see how they arise, not out of strength or reason, but out of fear of the unknown, you gain further reasoning to practice and let go of the negative thought patterns.

Now with that bit of mindfulness insight, let’s talk about what we’re here for — Why is now the perfect time to start?

It doesn’t matter what you are starting, Now is the perfect time to do it and I’ll tell you why. Because right now, this very moment is supporting you. Meaning, whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen if you start. So whether you start now or in 5 years, it will be what it needs to be.

The Now is supporting you in this moment and each next fleeting one. This doesn’t mean it will be all pleasant or exactly how you wanted it to be, but it will be what you need it to be in the ‘Divine Plan’. To add to that, I invite you to remember that Now is the only time there is. There is no tomorrow. There is no ‘when all  of these things align one day’,  because there is only this day, only this moment.

We can never tell what the future will hold. We can have ideas, desires, intentions, hypotheses and none of these things are solidified knowing. What we do know 100% truthfully and wholeheartedly is this moment. The only thing we have control of is this moment and what we choose to make of it.

Surely, in the long run you could say this means we create our futures and outcomes of things, which is true to an extent. When you pull back and see it as the big picture though, the only truth left is that we created each present moment, and all we controlled was the Now.

You can start and restart as many times as you need within the Now as well. Which you will need. You will need to commit and recommit, devote and redevote yourself to your project/relationship/adventure/book/etc. more than you may think. You will set and reset intentions, create and create and create.

The most important thing to remember is if you’ve got something in you, it has to be created. Please do not stutter its creation by waiting for things to align in the way you think will work. Just start and it will all fall into its divine place.

To quote the words of the recent Gilmore Girls Revival, “It’s Never or Now.”

Make your magic and put it out into the world.

~Riley Reign

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