Your Intuition Is Your Soul Compass

In many of my recent mentoring sessions (for which I have 4 intensive program spaces open, for more info click here) the intuition has been a big topic of growth for many people. Now, before you try to tell me, “Oh, but I’m not intuitive.” let me say, everyone has gifts, everyone has an intuition, and you must practice listening and being open if you’d like to experience or work with that part of yourself.

So why does the intuition come up in mentoring sessions so often? Life gets us distracted easily, and even though we hear those intuitive whispers, other things pull at our thoughts and distract us from our own clarity. That’s truly the biggest thing people find too, is that they had the clarity they were seeking, they just wouldn’t allow themselves to trust in it until I could validate it for them or reflect it back to them. So many women come to me with their problems and opportunities for growth and express their feelings of how unclear they are, and then continue to express to me exactly what they want. Exactly what direction they want to go in, or what would feel best to them.

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Ahh, ladies (and guys, too) we must not dismiss those whispers. Because those whispers are soul answers that are divinely guided specifically for you along your journey. But you know that! Maybe you just need me to validate it for you or reflect it back to you?

Here is the deal, our intuition is our soul compass and when we do not follow it, trust it, and ground ourselves into it, that my friends is when and why we find ourselves feeling so lost and confused. “But what does intuition even feel (or sound) like?” you may ask… Your intuition sounds like the kindest whispering voice in your mind. When you listen to it and tune into it, it will grow louder. Your intuition feels like the truth. Take a deep inhale. Now exhale and allow yourself to sink into your heart.

Did you feel that? That is where your soul knowing resides, within all of the love that you are. Your intuition feels like that, too. Like what you’re experiencing is right, and serves the highest good of all. What your intuition is not is greedy, mean, or self-deprecating. That my dear, would be your ego-mind. Learning the difference between the two can rock your world, and break it open (in a very very good way). I invite you today to observe this for yourself — What does your heart and soul say? What does your ego say? What feels right and good? And what feels out of alignment and out of your truth?

Everyone has an intuition, and a soul knowing within, are you open to yours? Do you want to experience the divine unshakeable guidance that you already encompass? Listen to the quietest, kindest voice in your mind. Follow what feels right, even if it feels a little odd or scary. Listen to what your heart space has to say. Feel that clarity, allow yourself to trust in it, and to follow it with conviction. Your life will expand as your openness to your guidance expands. 

How do you feel about your intuition, and how have you followed its guidance before? Share with us in the comments below!


~Riley Reign


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