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How To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

How To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

Cultivating a spiritual practice is such a beautiful and personal experience, and still it can sometimes become stagnant or stale. What are we to do when we want to take our spiritual practice to the next level? How is one supposed to get deeper into their own experience and lessons from Life?

Even in the personal development and self improvement soaked society we have now, we can sometimes come up against our own walls. The first step is to recognize the difference between a wall, a challenge to overcome, and comfortability, a space of contentment. Now, there is nothing wrong with comfortability, but to live in that space for too long can create this stagnant energy. So, how can you break through the stagnancy and move into a flow of continuous growth?


How To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Surrender to the process-

I experienced this lesson in my own meditation practice previously. After having gone to a 10 Day Vipassana retreat I thought I had gone the deepest I could have and I know how to ever get back to that deep and oceanic internal space even though I really wanted to.

I spent a few days of my meditation practice trying and trying to make it happen, to take myself within as deeply as I could. The only result I got was a surface level presence, and destructive ego thoughts. This is where I found my shift. I could not try and make this happen, I could never force it. I had to let go just as deeply as I wanted to experience my internal energy.

Surrender to the process and allow yourself to align with whatever experience you want to occur. Never try to force it or create it. This leads us to our next principle…

Be Intentional –

It is all about intention in this space. Whether you are giving or receiving energy, whether you are teaching or learning, whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned meditation veteran, yogi, or intuitive. Be intentional in everything that you do, and especially in your spirituality and exploring such a space. I have found that when I have a clear intention, and when I trust in that intention blossoming in it’s own perfect timing, I let go of that feeling to control or make a specific experience happen.

Be intentional with why you are beginning or continuing your practice. Be intentional in why you are trying out a new tool, practice, or technique. Be intentional in what experiences you’d like to try and live or try on. Then surrender and allow the process (and the outcome of such experiences) to be what it will be.

This practice of intention in itself will bleed into every other realm of your life and bring with it quite a bit of beauty (i.e. more kindness, more giving, more love, more understanding of others, etc.) along with it.


Be experimental –

To me, spirituality is about exploration and openness, which translates easily into experimentation. Try on whatever techniques and tools you feel called to! Some will feel amazing and work wonders for your body, mind, and soul, and others will not vibe with you quite right. Be playful with whatever you are interested in and inspired by, and when something doesn’t work quite right, move on. It may not be that it didn’t work or wasn’t right for you, it may be that it was not the right timing for you and you may try something more than once.

This experimental and open mindset and intention will open up opportunity for you to experience deeper realms of yourself and your being than you knew existed. It can also teach you what you are ready for, and what you’re not. Which can be incredibly insightful as to where you may need to work a little harder to grow in that area of yourself.

I hope these points of perspective and guidance carry you along your journey and into some beautiful depths with ease.



All of my love to you.
~Riley Reign


Ask The Universe For What You Want

Ask The Universe For What You Want

The only reason that dreams in our society hardly become reality, is because we accept that the dreams we desire will ‘most likely’ never be our reality anyway, and that’s before we even try to work towards them! I’d like to invite you to instead be open to the possibilities of the Universe, which includes your dream (whatever that may be) becoming your reality.

For the most part, we have been conditioned, and conditioning each other, not to believe in ourselves. While this is shifting in some ways, it still remains the reality for the vast majority. Why is this? We know of the vast opportunity that the Universe has for us. We have seen people achieve the impossible, build incredible society serving things from nothing, and change the world with their bare hands. So why don’t we believe we can do the same ourselves, let alone try to achieve our own versions of that?


Ask The Universe For What You Want from the Spirit & Soul blog
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I think this is because we also have grown into a place where we aren’t as keen on asking for what we want. While this is also shifting in some very positive ways, I still see it happen with so many people around me. In mentoring sessions I see people looking for clarity tell me exactly what they want, and the only thing keeping them from the clarity they seek is them. They have to allow themselves to lean into and trust in their desires, and their worthiness. Now, this isn’t easy, but it is one of the most important pieces to achieve that which you desire. It is not selfish to want a beautiful, vibrant, and safe life for yourself. It isn’t selfish to not want to experience distress or exhaustion on a daily basis.

These are our basic human needs. We have to be in a good emotional and physical place so that we can serve those around us in a more impactful way. We also have to be in this space, to the best of our abilities, so that we can align ourselves with what we desire. Part of what can bring us into that energetic alignment, is asking the Universe for what we want.

The more open you are to the Universe supporting you, the more you will see synchronicities, signs that you are on the right path, and the things you desire manifesting for you in even more perfect + divine ways then you could have imagined. So today take a moment to reflect on this: Do you have clarity on what you want? Are you open to the Universe supporting you in actualizing those desires? Are you open to the Universe offering you something better?

And lastly, do you trust that you are supported in what desiring what you desire? 

I’d love to hear what this blog inspired to shift in your life + perspective today. Share with us in the comments below how you were inspire + empowered by the shifts you may have had!



~Riley Reign



Honor Your Process

Honor Your Process

For the entire month of August I am publishing a brand new blog every single day, and you may have noticed that today’s blog went live a little bit later than most of my blogs thus far. This is because I had to honor my own process – and that’s exactly what todays blog is going to be about.

In our society we are not very kind to ourselves, and we tend to not give ourselves enough room to fully experience our lives. Including the less than pretty parts of it. We can live so much more fully, however, if we allow ourselves the space we need to fully honor where we are. That doesn’t mean when we come face to face with pain, emotion, or change, that we cling to it like our lives depend on it. It means that when we come face to face with pain, emotion, or change, that we allow ourselves the space to feel it, allow it to move through us, and we allow ourselves to experience our own process.


Honor Your Process from the Spirit & Soul blog
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There is divine timing for everything in Life. What we often fail to see is that sometimes it is our divine timing to experience some less than magical feelings and experiences. Sometimes, the only thing Life expects from us, is for us to sit with wherever we are + whatever we are feeling. Not dwelling in it, but being with it.

Often times when I take on a new mentoring client, for a single session or a long-term mentorship, their first session ends up needing to be rescheduled for a later date. I find that this is nearly always because a client needs to learn from experience about their own divine timing, and they need to learn how to honor their own process before we begin working together to make the shifts they desire within their lives. Not only does this help them grow gentler with themselves and their experiences, it frees them from the expectation they hold on themselves so that they can be more receptive to the guidance and work that is offered to them in a mentoring session.

As much as a client may be sorry about rescheduling, I am never upset about it. I trust in their divine timing for being able to receive the guidance they need. I trust in their divine timing to be open to that guidance so that they can receive it. I trust in their process, and I want them to honor that just as deeply as they want to honor my time + energy with a mentoring session.

When we can experience the blessing of a magical mess that life is more fully, we can learn and grow with more strength and wisdom to carry us.

I promised to publish a blog everyday in the month of August, and I am. Yesterday, when I would have written this blog, I needed to breathe. I needed to be alone, to sit with where I was for a bit, and to just be there. Learning how to be in that space and allow those feelings to move through you rather than break you is a huge gift in itself.


How will you honor your process today? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

~Riley Reign

You Must Speak Your Soul’s Truth

You Must Speak Your Soul’s Truth

Yesterday one of the biggest articles I have ever been called to write (that took me months to align with) was published on Thrive Global, which is a pretty big deal for a young, hard-working writer, let alone any writer. The article has a huge message, one that was daunting to write and is a little bit daunting to have out in the world on such a large platform. Which is exactly as I originally intended. And still, I trust in the divine reasons it is being supported and guided. With this experience I am reminded of the importance of speaking your truth and your light.

The timing of this article having been published is impeccable, especially considering I wasn’t sure the article would even be something that Thrive was open to publishing. And here we are, the article is published and out there for the world to do with it what they wish. I have no clue what will come of that, I have faith that it will be good, even if it is not what I may desire it to be.


Speak Your Soul's Truth from the Spirit & Soul blog
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This is what I am reminded of though: it is so important to speak your truth. Even if it scares you a little bit. Especially if it scares you, or makes you uncomfortable. This article was terrifying to me (just as much as it was exciting). And yet, it needed to be written, it had to be written by me, and I had to learn how to write it in the way it called to be. That article was a truth of mine, a soul deep wisdom, that I needed to share. If I didn’t I am nearly sure I would have carried it with me into my next life.

What soul truth are you holding within you, that needs to be expressed? This article had been a mere “I wonder what it would look like if…” for a very long time, probably longer than I am consciously aware of. It began to tap me on the shoulder more and more intentionally over time, and it is still now becoming one of my largest messages that I would like to share and offer within my work and being in this lifetime.

We must shine our light, and speak our truths, so that the world as we know it can continue to evolve into a more vibrant place. We must allow what wants to be created through us or by us to be created, so that the world can continue to unite through art, love, and understanding. This is why it is so important for you to speak your soul’s truth(s), just as much as it is for me to do the same. We have to both show up for the change we wish to see, and allow ourselves to be changed by the process.

When we do not speak our truth, our authenticity, and our light, we very literally kill off a part of ourselves that is the exact thing we crave for the world, and that we want to see in the world. Please do not kill off the part of yourself that is what you seek. If you have done that, please bring him/her back to life. Allow that part of you to lead your life, to create your world, and to speak its truth.


I’d love to hear how you are going to allow this message to change your life, so sound off in the comments below!

~Riley Reign

How To Tell Your Intuition + Ego Apart

How To Tell Your Intuition + Ego Apart

This may be one of the top 5 things that people struggle with in their spirituality + connection to their Higher Self and Source. How do you tell your intuition and your ego apart?! How can you know what you are choosing is what is right for you? And how can you know for sure which voice in your head is that of wisdom, and which one is of ego. I can tell you that there are some very simple ways to detect which voice + thought pattern is which, but sometimes it is very hard to tell the two apart.

So how can you easier tell your inner voices apart? It’s easier than you may think! And still, sometimes it will be difficult to find your true soul answers, but I have a few tricks for those times too.


How To Tell Your Intuition + Ego Apart from The Spirit & Soul Blog
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Which voice is kind?

Each of us has a quiet, calm, and kind whisper within us, and a loud, defensive, not so kind voice to balance that. Your intuition will be the voice speaking to you softly, with clear knowing and trust. This whisper may not know how things will happen, but it knows they will. Whereas the ego voice will question everything the quiet heartfelt whisper is telling you, and will find ways to make you doubt what that simple, trusting whisper will have to say.


Which voice knows that you are divine?

Often times, we will find that the whispering voice believes that you can do anything (because you can, duh.), and the louder defensive ego voice will promote, and sometimes scream at you, limiting belief patterns. The voice that is completely faithful in your capability, magic, and willingness to trust in what it has to say is your intuition. The voice that forces possible problems down your throat, and questions your capability and magic, and tries to guilt you into playing small, that is your ego.


Which voice is understanding?

The two voices within us usually have these two undertones or personality types, 1) judgemental AF or 2) universally understanding. When you learn to seperate your intuition from your ego and acknowledge what each voice sounds like, and how each one acts, you will find this to be true for yourself. Look for guidance from the voice that encompasses universal understanding. This relates to the self, too. Which voice understands what you want, or are trying to achieve, and which voice is judgemental and questions your own desires? That which is understanding is your higher self, and that is where your intuition lies.


Where does this voice speak from?

Our ego speaks from our headspace, it is logical, and it follows and feeds into its own thought patterns of negativity, doubt, self-sabotage, and fear. Our intuition speaks from our heart space, and only offers its wisdom for you if you’d like to trust in its guidance. Where are the thoughts you are hearing speaking from? There you can see which voice is intuition and which is ego. Feel into the thought, and feel where it speaks from. Your heartspace is where your higher self exists, your headspace is where our biology allows us to analyze. Follow your heartspace. Analyzing has a place and time, but when you are seeking your own intuitive guidance it has no place.


Which voice knows, and which voice questions?

The voice that knows is the voice that speaks your truth. When you hear your intuition, what is says is, “This is your path. No questions, this is where you need to go/what you need to do.” The voice that questions, what a cute little ego, is the voice that says, “But what about this, and this, and this and this and this?!! What about those, huh? This isn’t going to work.” *insert sarcasm here* That voice doesn’t sound threatened by the clarity and cool-as-a-cucumber vibe that the other voice offered you, right? The voice that is cool as a cucumber is the one that speaks your truth and is offering you your divine guidance + work.



The more you listen to that quiet whisper, the louder it will become and the easier it will be to see, feel, and hear. I’d love to know which tool was your favorite to recognize the difference between your ego + intuition, so please feel free to share with us in the comments below!



~Riley Reign