What Does It Mean To Be In Alignment?

During my recent yearly donation mentoring promotion, I had a session with a beautiful woman who asked me an equally beautiful question. “What does alignment mean to you? What does that look like for you?” I was forced to drop even deeper into my heart in that moment, and I was rendered somewhat speechless. What an amazing question to have asked! And what an honor that I would get to answer that question.

I took a deep breath and allowed the right words to gather for my answer. Alignment is a vast and simultaneously simple thing to both experience and cultivate. And as much as it is a buzz word, it is also an impeccable intention for everything we do in life. While the word itself may be overused in some spiritual circles, I’d like to shed light on it’s timeless and universal truth and importance. So, what does alignment mean? What does it mean to be in, or experience alignment? And what might that look or feel like within our physical experience?


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Alignment, in all of it’s vast simplicity, means (to me) a series of things are occurring in harmony. This would look like you, living from integrity and authenticity. This would look like one not only knowing of their spiritual connection (whatever that may be for them), but living from it to the best of their abilities. I find that the physical experience of alignment could be explained as being in a flow state, between you, your higher self, the highest good of all involved, and Source (i.e. God, the Universe, Spirit, etc.).

What does a flow state look or feel like? It looks and feels like openness, throughout heart, mind, and soul. It looks like trusting in the moment and the process that Life has prepared for you. It looks like wholehearted knowing, that everything is on it’s way, and whatever isn’t is for a divine reason. Alignment is when you are in your light, and everything around you is able to fall into place in it’s most divinely intended way. Good and bad. Light and dark. Beautiful and tragic. But all of it is perfect in it’s own right, and because of your self-contained alignment you can have deep understanding and trust within that.

To compare it to a chiropractic experience and point of awareness, I’d like you to reflect on when you have known your boy is misaligned before going to the chiropractor. When you are not in alignment physically, how do you feel? Possibly, rigid, off center, unable to focus or feel completely comfortable? And when you are in alignment within your physical body, how do you feel then? Light, centered, able to be present, and open? Yea. It’s very comparable to that. Just as you feel alignment physically, you can feel it in a slightly different but equally powerful way metaphysically.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please sound off and jump into the conversation in the comments below! Did this post bring you new insight into alignment and what it can bring into your life? Are you now inspired to practice cultivating alignment within your life more now? I’d love to chat about your experience with you!


~Riley Reign

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