2017 Magical Manifesting Diary: for Free Flowing Adventures // Book Review

I have an affinity for New Year’s, I adore New Year’s with a passion and find it’s energy refreshingly lovely. So, when Shan Cox, the designer of the 2017 Magical Manifesting Diary, reached out and asked if I would use her book and share it if I enjoyed it I jumped with excitement… Because if you know anything about me, you know that New Year’s preparations are one of my favorite things. It’s a practice that raises me , excites me about my goals, and motivates me to make shit happen.

Onto the review!

I have nothing to hold back, because holy shit I am in love with this book. I received it on the night of a Full Moon when I wasn’t really feeling the Full Moon work I needed to do, but the book ignited some inspiration and I went to work with the first few pages. Let me begin by saying the way this journal was created is beautiful, and while it’s simple it is purely divine.

The layout of the 2017 Magical Manifesting Diary is really well done. It’s fun, clean, and straightforward. It lays out some really clear ways to reconnect with your personal essence, and to manifest that which you desire. The illustrations by Natalie O’brien are the sweetest touch too. All in all I adore this little journal, and while I have only completed a few pages it brings excitement to my routine and practice.

I look forward to seeing how this helps my manifesting process and reporting back to this post on how it did whatever it is going to do. I don’t want to go too far into detail and spoil anything, but I have added a few photos of the diary below that show what it’s about and how you can play with it.

If you’d like to order The 2017 Magical Manifesting Diary for yourself or a loved one, you can do so with this link. I also have a VIP discount code for you! If you’re purchasing the ECO version, use the code VIPDIARY, and for the standard print use VIPDIARYSTD.


~Riley Reign


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