6 Ways To Keep The Creativity Flowing

Writers block, artists block, creative blocks of any kind are no fun. Period. CAn I tell you a secret though? Creativity doesn’t always get to be the boss. As Elizabeth Gilbert may say, ” We’re going on a roadtrip, but you don’t get to pick the snacks  or change the music. You don’t even get to sit in the passenger seat.” There are some ways to continuously (or occasionally, your pick) inspire your creative & creation capacity.

-Stay Inspired-
In any use of creativity be it artistically or in problem solving, there is some sort of inspiration needed/ involved to spark the creativity. Sometimes in life we grow uninspired, we’re just not feeling any of it. But it doesn’t have to be, or stay that way. Chose to keep yourself inspired! I’ve written a piece including ideas on how to do just that, which you can read here.

-Always Be Seeking Magic-
Similarly to staying inspired, to keep the creative juices flowing you should always be seeking magic! For me, this starts with a positive perspective. If I am not in a happy headspace I am wayyy less likely to be aware and acknowledging of the magic around me, the rad shit that’s going on in my beautiful bountiful life. By being on the lookout for magic, and acknowledging it when found, not only will you be in a brighter space you’ll also be igniting more opportunity for inspiration. Which in turn amplifies opportunity for creativity.

-Double Check That You Left Your Faucet On-
And again with having the proper headspace… Did you leave your faucet running? Are you open to the flow of creativity or are you sending Miss Universe super wacky mixed signals? Check in with yourself and do a little bit of introspective reflection. Creativity cannot flow abundantly if the channel it wishes to flow through is not open!

=Implement Your Inspirations-
Take a look at what/who your biggest inspirers are. Study what makes it/them so inspiring to you. For the artists, do an art study on that style you’ve been drooling over. For the writers, study that one author and style of literature you admire so very much. What makes it so beautiful and eloquent to you? Find your own variation of that aspect and implement that into your work. Are you trying to be more mindful or compassionate? Find someone who encompasses those traits in their essence or work and take note. What about their perspective moves them throughout their life so gracefully?

-Keep Your Vibrations High-
If you’ve been down in the dumps feeling sluggish you’ve unlikely had a beautiful creative idea… Unless you were working on getting out of that grey cloud. Unless you use your darkness for your art (please don’t, not only is it highly toxic, it won’t push you toward your power/the light) you’re probably going to have a hard time activating your creativity and doing amazing beautiful things with it. Commonly when one is in low energies they’re also not very open. So get/keep your vibrations high as a kite and bright as the summer sunshine!

You are an open channel, ready to create something badass + beautiful.

You don’t have to wait for creativity to choose you, you can inspire it to come to (and stay with) you. You can drum up all kinds of magical creative ideas on you’re very own out of sheer focus and openness. If you’re keeping inspired and open, creativity is your oyster.

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~Riley Reign

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