Overcoming Stress + Overwhelm

Stress + overwhelm. Sometimes it is totally valid and sometimes these feelings could not be bigger upper limits. Either way we cannot let stress and overwhelm hinder our creation or confidence. So how do we overcome such emotions?

We’ve got to feel our feelings and move through them, it is a part of life we must experience. It is a huge part of why we are here in the first place I believe. Yet we shouldn’t wallow or be overly dramatic about the situations we are in. So really take a look at what you are feeling and why. Honor your Now. Acknowledge and learn where you are at.

Figure out if what you are experiencing is reality, or if you are dramatically reimagining a version of reality. Then return to your center, remember your truths. Your power, your capability, your connection, your faith (whatever that may be for you). If your feelings are valid, root into your center and get serious, get to work on whatever mental block is causing you worry and heal it. Make something amazing come of it, as only you can.

If your feelings are overdone with the unnecessary worry and future tripping, find your center and root into it. Remind yourself of what is real and true. Sink into your peace and calm and bathe there for a while. Release your worrisome future tripping mentality and revel deeply into your Now.

Now is the only real thing there is in regards to time, so why not live in it? Rather than the past or future, live in right now. Stressing, worrying, being worked up about ‘what if’s’ doesn’t give you any truthful, honest, or real answers… Being in the present does. Making the Now yours + incredible for you is all you can do. So long as you are doing your best (your truest best… it’s better than you think. More than you realize you are capable) you are golden.


~Riley Reign


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