Trust In Your Guidance + Surrender The Rest

This week we’re going to be talking about my biggest lesson in life and spirituality so far, and that is deeply trusting AND then surrendering to the rest of the process. Let’s be real here, this is something all of us struggle with, probably on a weekly basis. Learning to trust in yourself is a somewhat easy process and practice compared to learning how to allow yourself surrender and well, allow.

The idea that sparked this article topic for me was a recent live I did with the incredible Lexi Schaffer, for her amazing and inspiring podcast Journey to Six Figures. You can listen to that episode here!


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You may hear many other spiritual teachers and leaders talk about trust and surrender often, and that is because these two practices of energy and mindset are really important pieces to a solid spiritual connection and foundation. Many people have lots of trust and ease trusting in themselves, while others have a great amount of trust and ease trusting in their Higher Power, and for others it can be hard to trust fully in either of these.

So in my personal experience, for a strong connection to yourself, your inner guidance, and your higher power + guidance you must be willing to trust in yourself and your inner guidance above anyone else’s opinion and then you’ve got to surrender it all, and allow it to be what it is supposed to. Intentions and goals while incredible habits, also need to be surrendered in a sense to manifest.

If you are clenching onto an outcome or result you will likely close yourself off to that very thing happening, while when you release it to it’s highest good you are more energetically open and receptive to it’s manifestation and divine alignment (even if it doesn’t look exactly how you wanted it to).

To be able to trust in yourself enough to follow your intuition and guidance is powerful in itself. When you can do that and then let it go to be what it will be and feel good about however it unfolds is where the deepest and most powerful magic has the space to come through.

Many of us can agree, that it is incredibly hard to get out of our own way enough to practice this, however that is only because we make it hard on ourselves. We were not made to experience hardship and upset, we were made to live life in a way of presence, experience, and growth.

We’ve got to get out of our own heads, and out of our own way just enough to let the magic that is more than available to us in. Because truly, we are the only thing’s that can get in our way. This requires a continuous practice of deeply trusting, and consistently surrendering.


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~Riley Reign


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