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How To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

How To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

Cultivating a spiritual practice is such a beautiful and personal experience, and still it can sometimes become stagnant or stale. What are we to do when we want to take our spiritual practice to the next level? How is one supposed to get deeper into their own experience and lessons from Life?

Even in the personal development and self improvement soaked society we have now, we can sometimes come up against our own walls. The first step is to recognize the difference between a wall, a challenge to overcome, and comfortability, a space of contentment. Now, there is nothing wrong with comfortability, but to live in that space for too long can create this stagnant energy. So, how can you break through the stagnancy and move into a flow of continuous growth?


How To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Surrender to the process-

I experienced this lesson in my own meditation practice previously. After having gone to a 10 Day Vipassana retreat I thought I had gone the deepest I could have and I know how to ever get back to that deep and oceanic internal space even though I really wanted to.

I spent a few days of my meditation practice trying and trying to make it happen, to take myself within as deeply as I could. The only result I got was a surface level presence, and destructive ego thoughts. This is where I found my shift. I could not try and make this happen, I could never force it. I had to let go just as deeply as I wanted to experience my internal energy.

Surrender to the process and allow yourself to align with whatever experience you want to occur. Never try to force it or create it. This leads us to our next principle…

Be Intentional –

It is all about intention in this space. Whether you are giving or receiving energy, whether you are teaching or learning, whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned meditation veteran, yogi, or intuitive. Be intentional in everything that you do, and especially in your spirituality and exploring such a space. I have found that when I have a clear intention, and when I trust in that intention blossoming in it’s own perfect timing, I let go of that feeling to control or make a specific experience happen.

Be intentional with why you are beginning or continuing your practice. Be intentional in why you are trying out a new tool, practice, or technique. Be intentional in what experiences you’d like to try and live or try on. Then surrender and allow the process (and the outcome of such experiences) to be what it will be.

This practice of intention in itself will bleed into every other realm of your life and bring with it quite a bit of beauty (i.e. more kindness, more giving, more love, more understanding of others, etc.) along with it.


Be experimental –

To me, spirituality is about exploration and openness, which translates easily into experimentation. Try on whatever techniques and tools you feel called to! Some will feel amazing and work wonders for your body, mind, and soul, and others will not vibe with you quite right. Be playful with whatever you are interested in and inspired by, and when something doesn’t work quite right, move on. It may not be that it didn’t work or wasn’t right for you, it may be that it was not the right timing for you and you may try something more than once.

This experimental and open mindset and intention will open up opportunity for you to experience deeper realms of yourself and your being than you knew existed. It can also teach you what you are ready for, and what you’re not. Which can be incredibly insightful as to where you may need to work a little harder to grow in that area of yourself.

I hope these points of perspective and guidance carry you along your journey and into some beautiful depths with ease.



All of my love to you.
~Riley Reign


How To Transform Your Life

How To Transform Your Life

Transformation might often seem like a mystical occurence that isn’t truly felt or seen until all of the work within it is done and gone, but I find that transformation can be even more powerful, and a little bit more pleasant, when experienced with intention. Change does not have to be scary or hard. Shifting our lives from dislike to head over heels in love with our experience is not a hard thing to do, either. It breaks my heart to see people feeling or living as if they are unworthy of the magical lives they desire.

Here is the only excuse that you may have to not begin an intentional transformation within your life, “I wouldn’t know where to start!” Fair enough. That’s valid to a degree, I will admit. Now, let’s break through that.  If you want to know how to begin a transformation for your life, I invite you to keep reading!


How To Transform Your Life from the Spirit & Soul blog
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Get Clarity

You cannot transform or shift anything into anything else unless you have clarity on what it is that you want to achieve. The butterfly doesn’t just go, “Oh maybe I’ll transform into this beautiful creature.” It is in the butterfly’s DNA to be that vibrant fluttering piece of magic. I invite you to introspect for a moment… Are you living up to what you know you are meant to be? Why or why not? What does the life of the person you know you are meant to be look like? That is where you will find your clarity. Ask yourself if you are all that you can be, or even close to where + who you would like to be.


Be Open

You can both be experiencing resistance and be intentionally open to what that resistance has to offer you (hint: it is not staying where you are). One of the most important things about being able to transform, shift, or realign your life is to be open to the experience. Every bit of it. When you shut down or put up walls as high and wide as you can, that is when the magic of the world can no longer reach you. Allow your walls to slowly fall. Let the light in. Be open to what a transformation has in store for you.

Another way to look at this principle is this: openness + allowing. Allowing, not forcing. As well as granting yourself permission. Part of the reason we do not grow or transform into the people we are meant to be is because the world and society has conditioned us to believe things are too good to be true, instead of just good and being radically grateful for that. We are trained to self-sabotage. Be open, allow yourself to experience the light you were meant to be and to experience. Train yourself to know how divinely supported + guided you are


Just Start

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” Are you ready to break that excuse into a million pieces? Take a deep breath. You always know what to do next. The real question is, are you listening? There is one thing that will press on your mind in a quiet whisper when you think of how you might begin to transform, shift, or realign your life. Follow that whisper, because it is your next step.

Take one next step that you are guided to take, and the rest will reveal themselves. If you can follow that one whisper of how to begin, all next right steps will reveal themselves in their divine timing, and you will be carried to your dream results, experiences, etc. sooner than you think.


I hope these principles have sparked some inspiration for you and can serve and carry you along your journey. If you resonated with any of these tools, I’d love to hear why in the comments below! If you are curious about transformation, and how you can continue to follow your transformation path please let me know in a comment! I am working on something magical that will have opportunity for you to continue to transform in the coming months, so if you’re interested I would love to keep you in the know about this project!


~Riley Reign

This Journey Called Life – How To Trust In It + Learn To Dance With It

This Journey Called Life – How To Trust In It + Learn To Dance With It

I knew blogging everyday for the 31 days of August would open up some weird experiences and energies, and four days in the energetic awareness is not disappointing! I’ve been feeling a lot today. Some amazing things about amazing projects that I get to be a part of, and some less than magical things because, hey, I’m a human experiencing this journey called Life, too. So today, I write this blog both to remind myself of these powerfully peaceful philosophies just as much as I write about them to offer you the insight, wisdom, and guidance that can carry you along your journey.

Life is a journey and a process, and I was reminded today that we must allow ourselves space to experience that in the most graceful and aligned way that we can. I was reminded of a few of the things that are the most important to my journey and I was called to share those things with you today. I know they will guide you divinely. They will bring you home to yourself, and carry you forward in your journey.

This Journey Called Life - How To Trust In It + Learn To Dance With It from the Spirit & Soul Blog
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Follow Your Signs –

Especially when they don’t make much sense. Follow your signs. The signs you know are made for you. Like the one crystal owl totem in the metaphysical store, even if you aren’t sure of what it means you know it is for you and it has things to teach you. The butterfly that lands on your leg during meditation. The angel numbers you’ve been seeing all day. See those signs, understand what they have to share with you, and follow their guidance.

For those of you unfamiliar with this kind of thing, I’ll share with more simplicity and clarity. You know when you have seen a sign that is yours, and that is guiding you. It is so important along this journey of Life to trust in those signs, because they are divine gifts of guidance, and allow them the guide you and serve you on your path.


Know the Divinity Within Everything –

Following that divinity train mentioned above, I’d like to offer something that can really help you to trust in Life and the experiences it can bring you. To know the divinity within everything means to have awareness and understanding that every single thing that occurs on this earth, within our lives and the world, is meant to be the way it is. This includes the guy that cut you off on the highway, the negative experiences you find yourself in during life, or the way things seem to fall apart at times.


Allow Your Mess To Move Through You –

And here we deepen the dance with Life. Can you allow your mess to move through you, rather than fighting it yourself, or breaking through it’s  limitations? If you can allow your mess to move through you with openness and compassion toward yourself, you will find the experience to be more gentle, and much more wise than you maybe would have been open to if you were fighting against your darkness or mess(es) in Life. Breathe. Trust in the process. Continue to dance. And allow your mess to move through you.


Lean Into Gratitude –

When sh*t is hitting the fan or you are feeling triggered by something negative in your life, it can be incredibly important to lean into gratitude. Not only to keep things balanced and keep your energy high, but also to cultivate an intentional energy of abundance that can be amplified, instead of whatever negative energy you may be dealing with. Take gratitude in everything you can – the sunset, your beating heart and breathing lungs, the daisy you saw growing through the cracks of the sidewalk today, the way you were able to express your thoughts just as you wanted to earlier, the fact that you have a roof over your head and that you are always divinely supported, etc.


Give Yourself Space –

Perhaps the most important thing to guide you into trusting in the journey of Life and learning to dance with it. Allow yourself the space that is available to you so that you may come to trust, and learn to dance. Allow yourself the space to let your messes move through you, to lean into gratitude, to see the divinity within everything, and to follow your signs.


I’d love to know, which of these perspectives and tools brought you an Aha! moment today? Share in the comments below what resonated with you and why!



~Riley Reign

How Letting Go of Judgement Can Free You

How Letting Go of Judgement Can Free You

Today I asked my oracle cards what I should write about, and the card that came up was Envy. I was a little bit confused about this, because that isn’t something I have really experienced recently. After meditating with the card for a bit though, I was drawn to the mantra it offered: I am the same as everybody but with different challenges. I mentioned vast simplicity in yesterdays blog, and this theme continues to show up today. Can you see and feel the vast simplicity within that mantra?

We’re human, we’re not perfect (even though we are), and we judge each other for that alot. A lot more than we truly ever need to. I think our society is definitely in need of looking in the mirror, especially when it comes to our toxic judgements against each other. You see, judgement is a learned thing, we are not born into any kind of negativity (judgement, scarcity mindset, depression, etc.) and just as we learned it (intentionally or not) it is time we unlearn it.


How Letting Go Of Judgement Can Free You
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It is time we let go of our judgement, and come back to what is most important. I recently attended an event that had a lot of judgement surrounding it, and as I was getting ready for this event earlier in the day I thought of all of the things I had heard from the attendees. All of the judgements, and assumptions, and it all stemmed from curiosity, but it was misaligned. In the car on the way to this event I said to some of the people around me, “You know, we’ve been incredibly judgemental. Are you guys aware of how not okay that is?” After some observation and reflection I’ve got to say, this felt so wrong of us to do.


From The Soul’s Journey Lessons Deck


“Who fucking cares about the details of this,” I said, “As long as they are happy that is all that matters to me.” Because that is what is important, and in that realization I found myself freer than before. I was able to enjoy and have compassion toward an event I had not even wanted to attend beforehand. I am reminded of some wisdom Gabby Bernstein once shared with me that went something along the lines of, “The words don’t matter, it’s the energy that is most important.” Which I think relates to this reflection on judgement. The details, the physicalities, those things don’t matter. What matters is that the person, place, or thing that we are judging is experiencing or serving the highest good.

There is a level of universal understanding that you’ll find when you release your judgements of others, as well as yourself. You will grow more compassion, because you will see that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. You will allow yourself to be more powerful, because you will see where you are giving away your power, you will step back into that space, and you will be able to show up in the best way you can. You will see that we are all just walking our paths and experiencing our journey’s in the best way we can, and that all that matters is if we are happy and serving the highest good of ourselves and those around us.

I invite you to release your judgemental thoughts or feelings in the comments of this blog, and share how free you feel afterward as well.

~Riley Reign


What Does It Mean To Be In Alignment?

What Does It Mean To Be In Alignment?

During my recent yearly donation mentoring promotion, I had a session with a beautiful woman who asked me an equally beautiful question. “What does alignment mean to you? What does that look like for you?” I was forced to drop even deeper into my heart in that moment, and I was rendered somewhat speechless. What an amazing question to have asked! And what an honor that I would get to answer that question.

I took a deep breath and allowed the right words to gather for my answer. Alignment is a vast and simultaneously simple thing to both experience and cultivate. And as much as it is a buzz word, it is also an impeccable intention for everything we do in life. While the word itself may be overused in some spiritual circles, I’d like to shed light on it’s timeless and universal truth and importance. So, what does alignment mean? What does it mean to be in, or experience alignment? And what might that look or feel like within our physical experience?


What does it mean to be in alignment? from The Spirit & Soul Blog
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Alignment, in all of it’s vast simplicity, means (to me) a series of things are occurring in harmony. This would look like you, living from integrity and authenticity. This would look like one not only knowing of their spiritual connection (whatever that may be for them), but living from it to the best of their abilities. I find that the physical experience of alignment could be explained as being in a flow state, between you, your higher self, the highest good of all involved, and Source (i.e. God, the Universe, Spirit, etc.).

What does a flow state look or feel like? It looks and feels like openness, throughout heart, mind, and soul. It looks like trusting in the moment and the process that Life has prepared for you. It looks like wholehearted knowing, that everything is on it’s way, and whatever isn’t is for a divine reason. Alignment is when you are in your light, and everything around you is able to fall into place in it’s most divinely intended way. Good and bad. Light and dark. Beautiful and tragic. But all of it is perfect in it’s own right, and because of your self-contained alignment you can have deep understanding and trust within that.

To compare it to a chiropractic experience and point of awareness, I’d like you to reflect on when you have known your boy is misaligned before going to the chiropractor. When you are not in alignment physically, how do you feel? Possibly, rigid, off center, unable to focus or feel completely comfortable? And when you are in alignment within your physical body, how do you feel then? Light, centered, able to be present, and open? Yea. It’s very comparable to that. Just as you feel alignment physically, you can feel it in a slightly different but equally powerful way metaphysically.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please sound off and jump into the conversation in the comments below! Did this post bring you new insight into alignment and what it can bring into your life? Are you now inspired to practice cultivating alignment within your life more now? I’d love to chat about your experience with you!



~Riley Reign